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‘mom. of. This. year. ‘Save kids from crashing Tour de France bike racers with nanosecond sheer instinct

In an instant, when the speeding rider crashed around them, she rescued the child from a possible tragedy.
  • On Saturday, an attentive tour de France spectator saved a child from a high-speed collision.
  • In an instant, when the riders fell to the ground around them, she instinctively snatched the child from danger.
  • After two large-scale crashes on the opening day of the three-week race, this wonderful save came.
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In all Collapse and slaughter On the craziest opening day in the history of the Tour de France, a woman saved a child-probably a mother and a child from a situation that easily ended in tragedy.

On Saturday, when the team was driving at high speed within the last 8 kilometers of the first stage, the wheels were triggered, causing dozens of riders to fall to the ground and a few to roll to the side of the road. Many spectators were watching.

This is the second large-scale collapse of the day.

Not long ago, a Inadvertent bystanders caused a huge accumulation When she held a cardboard directly in the driver’s road.

This caused dozens of drivers to fall to the ground, some of whom had to abandon the race due to injuries.

French The police are looking for this woman The BBC quoted AFP as saying that the organizers of the event intend to sue her.

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