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Monday Morning Blog Club 28/6/21

Good morning, and welcome to the blogging club on Monday morning this week. I hope you all are well and have a great weekend.
I received the second vaccine yesterday, so I am very grateful for it. They were excellent in the center we had to go to. The nurses and volunteers work around the clock, and they all do a great job.
I plan to do more in the garden, but it has been raining all weekend, so I watched Jeremy Clarkson frantically at his farm! It’s so exciting, so funny!

This week’s topic

This week’s topic is Annie’s second blog “A Lot of Home” and her post- New baby crochet cardigan and blanket. As you are most likely to discover, Annie has a beautiful little nephew to spoil, and she crocheted these beautiful objects for him.
If you haven’t, please don’t come over.

Now it’s time to share these wonderful blogs. Thank you very much for your contact, you are all great. I wish you a wonderful week. X

Let us join hands!

How does this link work (for new members please read)

First of all, if you are new here, welcome to join my lovely group! The Monday Morning Blog Club is a weekly homepage link for bloggers. Share your blog with our friendly group of people and get the likes of some posts. Just link your blog homepage below, and others can choose the posts they want to comment on. Please do not link with individual posts.

Finally, please try to comment on at least a few other blogs, it’s great to be a good person. Of course, I will browse everyone’s blogs for reading in the next few days. This is a great way to get your blog exposed. You will discover great content and make many blog friends in the process. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

If you are willing to share the love of the link, then I would be very grateful. You can get the badge from my sidebar.

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