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Clean up the loopholes in the office after the Hancock CCTV leak-Attorney General


The attorney general stated that after the leaked closed-circuit television caused Matt Hancock to step down, the ministers’ offices should be cleaned up.

Robert Buckland said on Monday that ministers and civil servants need a “safe space” to work because they handle sensitive information.

He said that CCTV is “a factor in daily life”, but there is a “broader concern” that people who “wish us sick” such as unfriendly governments may take advantage of improper reporting on sensitive issues.

Mr. Buckland revealed that he had asked officials on Friday whether his own office had closed-circuit television-a photo of Mr. Hancock was first exposed.

Secretary of State Old Sky News: “I don’t think so. I have never seen any camera facilities. I believe many of my colleagues will ask the same question and make sure that the office is cleaned in case there are unauthorized equipment there that might damage it. National security. I think this is a wise approach.”

He said he would like to hear the answer about his own office “later today” and added: “Frankly, I think cleaning should be done regularly-especially in areas where sensitive materials are handled.”

Later, on Time Radio, he suggested that the police or security departments investigate the leak, describing it as “unauthorized data sharing.” According to the “Times” report, MI5 will consult the government regarding the apparent leak of CCTV footage from Hancock’s office.

Former Conservative Security Minister Baroness Neville-Jones said she thought the leak was “quite surprising.”

Baroness Neville Jones has also reached the highest level of the diplomatic service. She told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “Indeed, I’m really curious about it.

“Usually, of course, when I was still in service, the minister’s office and the high-level office were wiped out. That is to say, experts showed up and made sure that nothing interfered with privacy and confidentiality, and there was no eavesdropping.

“So, the minister’s office is not protected in this way, which is quite surprising. How long has it been there? Who put it there?”

The Sunday Mail reported that the video was obtained by an employee of the Ministry of Health. He found an “anti-blockade activist” on Instagram and asked them to help them put the video in the newspaper.

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