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More than a dozen vaccinated doctors have died as the virus cases in Indonesia surge

The increase in severe cases of vaccinated medical staff has raised questions about vaccination Sinovac jab made in ChinaBy early next year, Indonesia is heavily dependent on it to vaccinate more than 180 million people.

This month, more than 300 vaccinated doctors and medical staff in Central Java Province were found to be infected with Covid-19, and about 12 of them were hospitalized.

The country is also working hard New virus strain, Including the highly infectious Delta variant first discovered in India.

Eka Mulyana, spokesperson for the West Java Medical Association, said that clinical symptoms indicate that stress is the cause of the surge in West Java cases.

“In West Java, the bed occupancy rate has exceeded 90%. Some hospitals have even exceeded 100%,” he told reporters. “At this rate, our health system is close to collapse.”

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