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New ETF holding function

I spent too much time to update and clean up the data entered into SwingTradeBot. A large part of this is to delete acquired and delisted stocks, and fill in missing data for newly listed stocks and ETFs.and so I see a large number of ETFs are added to the market every month.

During the pandemic, some of the names and/or ticker symbols of these new ETFs caught my interest-such as GERM and Work-from-Home ETF (WFH). So I began to hope that I could see their holdings on SwingTradeBot. Fortunately, one of my data providers uses ETF components as part of their services. So I wrote some code to start ingesting this data and displaying it on the website.

You won’t see the ETF holdings/components of all ETFs because it doesn’t make sense for some, such as those based on commodities, foreign stocks, futures, etc. For people using Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the version of SwingTradeBot unfortunately is not complete.

But for many other ETFs You will see a new section called “Top 10 Components”. Of course, this lists the 10 largest stocks in this ETF. (Suppose I have these percentages of shareholding. In some cases I don’t. Remember what I said about cleaning up data?) At the bottom of the list is pointing to fully (Maximum 500) Collection list. You can sort the list on this page by stock symbol, grade (relative strength), or shareholding percentage.

You can also solve this problem in another way-to find out which ETFs own specific stocks. In the “Introduction” section of the stock page, there will be an “ETFs Holding XYZ” link. This will take you to a page that shows any ETF (known to SwingTradeBot) that holds XYZ stock. The page can also be sorted by clicking on the column headings.

I found this to be a very useful way to find ETFs—especially to find a way to deal with situations such as the COVID-19 vaccine. It may be dangerous to bet on a vaccine manufacturer, but it can be returned to some potentially safer ETFs that hold a basket of vaccine manufacturers. This is exactly how I discovered GERM-I was tracking NVAX, QDEL and MRNA, and then clicked on the “ETFs Tracking…” link and discovered GERM.

Here are some reasons that caught my attention, either I saw it accidentally while clearing a new listing, or it was caused by checking one of my stocks and clicking the “ETF holding” link.

After adding this new feature, while browsing the website, I found that some ETFs own shares in other ETFs. who knows? !

I hope you find this new thing useful. enjoy!

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