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New intraday alert feature |

New intraday alert function

The following is a summary of some of the content I added around intraday alerts:

Ability to combine multiple alarms

There are page Its working principle is very similar to EOD combined scanning.This One allows you to combine multiple intraday alerts into one searchThe most obvious combination is to include a capacity surge alarm and another alarm. E.g, Stocks that rebounded from the 50-day moving average and their trading volume increased by 2 times. Note that even if the alarms are no longer true, they will still show intraday alarms. In the previous example, the pace of volume may slow down and/or the moving average rebound may fail later.

Intraday alerts now have their own filtering parameters

So far, intraday alerts have used some default EOD scanning filters.Now they have Their own set of filtersTherefore, you can now define a different stock “universe” for the day, separate from your EOD universe. Compared with EOD parameters, this set of parameters is more streamlined. For intraday, you can only choose to filter by transaction volume, price, and date.

New alerts above and below the previous day’s range

There are two new alerts:

If, like me, you enter the market based on the previous day’s range breakout, these will be useful.Actually very fast I will add an alert that will tell you when some swing settings of SwingTradeBot from the previous day triggered the entryFor example, the 1,2,3 callback setting means that you should only enter the market when the stock trading price is higher than the signal daily high. As a result, you will be able to easily view the stocks that triggered their settings the previous day in near real time.

Mobile app update (hopefully) coming soon

Please note that the combined search and settings of filters are currently only available on the website. I hope to add some of these content to the mobile application soon. However, I have a big stumbling block—— Apple won’t let me update the iOS app unless I let people subscribe to SwingTradeBot through Apple’s payment platform so they can get an amazing 30% discount! This is not a trivial task. This means that I have to change a lot of back-end code to handle Apple’s system. I have been avoiding this task for months, but I may solve it soon.

I will most likely update the Android app first, and then update the iOS.

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