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New intraday alerts: StockTwits trends and

New intraday alert: StockTwits trend and moving average rebound

I posted a few new Types of intraday alerts In the past few days. All of these are due to people sending me messages suggesting that I add them. So I’m very happy to see that people find intraday alerts useful and they suggest content that I missed or, in the case of StockTwits, content that may never have been created.

Trends on StockTwits Alert

This Trends in Stockwits Alerts Only applicable to the US (New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq) version of SwingTradeBot. I have been showing the popular stocks of StockTwits on the website for several years. These new alerts, if you choose to turn them on, will allow you to receive alerts when your stock is trending on StockTwits.

One difference from the StockTwits alert is that it triggers all dayHowever, I actually only push notifications to my phone between 9 am and 6 pm.and so Viewing the StockTwits trend alert list will be a way to understand the interesting content of extended trading.

Moving average support or resistance (bounce) alert

Another person asked me about the “below moving average” and “above moving average” alerts. He tried to remind stocks that rebounded from the moving average during the day.I tell him how I think These alarms worked-if a stock starts to rise above the MA and then breaks below, you will receive a “break-through” alarm. Then, if it rises back to the top, you will receive a “rise to the top” alert. But then I actually checked the intraday alerts for some stocks, and I realized that this is not the way I wrote them-in that case, “above the rose” would not be triggered because the stock was already above the moving average the day before.

Therefore, I decided to keep the alarm that I originally wrote and create more types of alarms.So now there are some “Moving average support” and “moving average resistance” alerts This will tell you when the stock is rejected by the moving average. You can set these alarms for 10, 20, 50, and/or 200-day moving averages.

Coming soon: intraday alerts for any stock, not just stocks in your watch list and portfolio

One thing I have been researching is being able to get alerts for any stocks that have made specific intraday movements. For example, suppose I want to receive an alert for any stock that has hit a 52-week high. You will soon be able to subscribe to alerts in this way. In addition, stocks will be filtered based on your own price and volume thresholds. Therefore, I can choose to only receive notifications of new 52-week highs for stocks with an average trading volume of 500,000 shares and a share price above $10.

I hope to post these soon. I have made them work, but I *just* (ha!, this is not a small task) need to build a user interface to manage them.

Coming soon (ish): Manage alerts in mobile apps

I know it is sub-optimal to manage alerts on the web instead of on the web Mobile app. On my to-do list can also be all managed within the application. However, compared with Web development, I am not very good at mobile development, so I can get more benefits by doing Web first. In addition, the Web server side needs to be completed so that it can provide data to the application. Therefore, I will spend some time building all alarm management into the application. But it is very likely that I will publish management on the web first.

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