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NickWatch is a children’s smart watch, but with SpongeBob

As part of the 2021 Mobile World Congress, NickWatch has just unveiled. This smart watch is specially designed for children, with all their favorite Nickelodeon characters as the theme, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.

Photo: ViacomCBS via NickALive!

Thanks to smartphones, people are now more connected than ever before, but at what age should people have their first mobile phones? To make this problem easier, smart watches have always been a popular way for children to communicate with their parents or caregivers and friends without all the extra interference caused by smart phones. Adding a layer of Nickelodeon theme, NickWatch may become a very popular product for children and their caregivers.

NickWatch includes many common features in children’s smart watches. These features include using the selected contact list to make and receive calls, receive text messages from the selected contact list, reply to text messages with selected common phrases, emoticons, pictures or voice messages, and take photos. Caregivers can also send reminders, timers, pictures and voice messages to NickWatch.

Everything in NickWatch
Photo: ViacomCBS via NickALive!

In addition to these basic functions, NickWatch also has many other functions that emphasize staying active and social with others who have NickWatch. As an additional layer of security, there is an app that will display the location of the paired NickWatch on the map to track the person wearing it.

As for the Nickelodeon theme, there are interesting sound effects, camera filters, and “musical instruments” that the wearer can play through gestures. There is also a series of games to choose from on NickWatch, and it is said that more games will be updated regularly.

“Viacom CBS is known for its iconic portfolio of brands that have shaped current affairs and popular culture for decades. Now, as we look to the future, NickWatch marks a milestone. It is the first to take advantage of our The connected smartwatch of consumer brand power,” said Raffaele Annecchino, President and CEO of ViacomCBS Networks International, in a press release. “This strategic product launch will use our intellectual property and content to further consolidate our position as a leading business partner, have diverse consumer touch points, and create a new immersive experience.”

NickWatch will be packaged with the smartwatch body, two different straps, a wireless charging dock and a USB cable to plug into the dock. NickWatch is expected to be released next year. No pricing information has been announced at this time.

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