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The only 5 sales email templates you will need

After years of practical sales email experience, we have compiled a list of our favorite templates that you can use to help you get started (even if “sales” feels like a dirty word), and build a real relationship with potential customers Contact and close more offers. If you’re at a loss or want to make bigger moves in your audience’s inbox, these are the only templates you need.

How do we find the best template

Starting with the 15 best sales email templates in the industry, we narrowed them down to the top five covering different sales methods. All of our favorite email templates are from reputable sources that have years of experience in selling games and case studies to support them. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the templates in our list are high quality and reliable.

We also pay close attention to their ease of use. We even wrote a test email based on each sales template framework to ensure that it actually produced high-quality results that we felt comfortable using ourselves.

If our final email was boring or uninspired, the template did not work and we did not include it in our list.

After all, the point of an email template is to provide you with a whole new perspective to promote your product, yourself, and your business, with the added benefit of speeding up the process and eliminating guesswork.

We have also introduced a universal template that anyone can come up with. Too complicated or too narrow?We make sure Is not to Also include those.We focus on rounding up as long as The highest quality templates for different situations can help you easily navigate the entire sales cycle.

Template 1-best for story-based sales methods

Ben Settle’s story email on Copyblogger

Why it works

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to sell anything. People have loved stories for centuries, and we tend to associate them better than typical sales pitches. When the story is done well, the story works well. Unfortunately, most people do not do well. You may have seen hundreds of them in your inbox (some do well, others…not so many).

Fortunately, Ben Settle went to great lengths to turn you into a “storyteller” professional. Story email template.

When you tell a related story with the right emotional traction, your readers know you understand. When you can let your readers know that you got them and solve their biggest pain points with a story, you really don’t need to make any sales. Ben Settle’s formwork follows the landslide technique. It first involves them and hooks them until they can’t help but read the rest of your email.

One of the main reasons we like this template is that it has no sales feel. You will not use any “used car salesman” strategy or similar methods. All you do is tell a story. Those who resonate with your words will click “Buy” without hesitation.

The template also includes a powerful subject line-this is a key factor in whether your email is opened in the first place.

Best function

  • It attracts the emotions of customers
  • It can help your customers visualize your product as their solution
  • You can easily personalize almost any real story unique to you that you can forward via email

To get Ben Settle’s full story email template, Go here and copy and paste it Enter your ESP. Then personalize it until you are ready to send a beautiful email as part of the sales funnel. Oh, and once you get there, don’t forget to check out his other two equally powerful examples.

Template 2-the best introduction

If you want to make a sales introduction through HubSpot

There is no doubt that HubSpot is a leader in the marketing industry. Therefore, it may not be surprising that we include one of their email templates in this list. At some point in the sales process, you must send an email to introduce yourself to establish a rapport with potential customers. This is exactly what this email template can help you do.

Why it works

The reason why this email is effective can be boiled down to two things: it is personalized specifically for the needs of potential customers, and at the end it contains a clear CTA or call to action. Going out and taking the time to include personal details in your email shows that you are not just clicking on non-personal information sent to anyone and everyone.

Instead, you have shown your customers that you have done everything you can to understand their needs, and you have made it clear that you want to get in touch with them within a certain time frame. result? This will prompt your potential customer to take action and actually click the reply button.

Although an introductory email may not allow you to sell directly, it may be a critical first step in ensuring that you finally complete the transaction.

Best function

  • Short and pertinent, with only four complete sentences
  • Contains essentials for easy scanning
  • An interesting subject line that invites a higher open rate

Go here to swipe a copy HubSpot’s sales introduction email. It’s okay to check the rest of their list for other examples.

Template 3-The best choice for cold email outreach

Pipedrive’s cold email template

Pipedrive provides powerful sales CRM solutions for companies looking to expand and attract more potential customers. As you can guess, they know a thing or two about sending effective sales emails to get the job done. For a few simple reasons, their Cold Email template included it on our list.

Why it works

At this point, you already know or are even familiar with sending cold mail. They are necessary because you don’t always have an enthusiastic prospect to send introductory emails to them. But that’s okay. Sending a cold email is equally effective in helping you complete a potential sale.

Pipedrive’s Cold Email template helps you send messages to the sender as concisely as possible-there is not an extra word in the mix.

The email starts with a statement, showing that you take their time seriously. In the body of the email, you name the biggest differentiating factor as business, not rambling.

As an effective closing statement, it calls for a brief meeting on two very specific days-rather than leaving the details of the meeting to them. At this point, you may start to see patterns in these sales email templates. Their structure makes it as easy as possible for your potential customers to say yes.

Knowing how to do this in a short email can be a powerful tool in your sales toolbox and a skill worth improving.

Best function

  • Short and straightforward
  • Final clear and specific call to action
  • Include the main selling point of your product

You can pick up The full email template on Pipedrive is here. Make sure you also review their follow-up and contact material templates.

Template 4-Best for selling through case studies

Case study email from Andrew Warner of Mixergy

Mixergy showcases the advice and stories of some of the best entrepreneurs and startup founders. The creator, Andrew Warner, provides a great case study example that you can use as your own sales email template.

Why it works

Now, before you don’t want to send a case study email because you think the workload is too much, please listen to me. Your case study email does not have to be an encyclopedia of your entire business. It only needs to show scenarios where your business solves the exact problem that potential customers are dealing with.

You can do this in many ways, but Andrew Warner’s example is a great guide on how to do this effectively. Although I said that your case study does not have to be long, you should not be too afraid to fill in the details.

Case studies exist for a reason: People like to see how something works for others before they consider investing their money in something.

Think of the case study as an in-depth sales recommendation, backed by a lot of evidence and receipts. In one sentence? powerful. When you take the time to craft and include it in your sales funnel, this is the role of case study sales emails.

Best function

  • Show your product in action
  • Let your potential customers know what is possible
  • Add credibility to your product or service

Read the case study email here Start writing your own content with past business results, and you can learn from them.

Template 5-Best for selling through webinar registration

Sign up for Salesforce’s live webinar

You may be familiar with Salesforce. In fact, you can even use them as your preferred CRM solution. Either way, Salesforce is a leader in marketing when it comes to creating useful sales tools. On their website, they provide a free list of eight email templates that you can download and use for free. Here is more information on why their webinar templates are particularly attractive to our eyes.

Why it works

Even in 2021, webinars are still a great way to attract potential customers and increase sales. They are convenient for both parties and can be reused as a powerful sales tool as needed. There is no doubt that using email to let more potential customers see your webinar is a great way to bring in more sales or at least bring you closer to sales.

The beauty of webinar email is that it doesn’t have to be lengthy, witty or super-explaining. It only needs to arouse the interest of potential customers, enough for them to watch.

Salesforce did this perfectly by creating a short, friendly, and to-the-point sales email template. It will not have any impact, nor will it bore your potential customers so much that they will eventually click away. Now, depending on where your potential customers are in the sales funnel, you can follow up on the webinar email template via pre-recorded webinar links. Fortunately, Salesforce also includes one in its free sales email template package.

Best function

  • Short and straightforward
  • Explain what benefits the customer will get
  • No meaningless subject line, let them know exactly the content of the email

Get a copy of the full webinar The template on Salesforce is here. Feel free to use the rest of their templates and try to adjust each one when sending them to the customer.

To sum up our list, you don’t have to be a reincarnation of David Ogilvy to write great sales emails that can be effective. You just need to stick to effective methods, experiment, listen and analyze the feedback you get from emails, and make improvements as needed.

The math is simple, really. The more you practice writing sales emails, the better you will get. Using an effective sales email template to get you started is a good starting point.

This is a quick review:

  • For story sales, please use this story email template Copywriter
  • For introduction, please use the following email template HubSpot
  • For cold email outreach, this email template comes from Pipe drive good results
  • To sell through a strong case study, use This template comes from Mixergy
  • For webinar registration, please use this email template in the following way Sales force

Feel free to bookmark this guide so that you always have access to a list of some of the best sales email templates that you can use to enhance your sales efforts. With some templates to help you get started, there is no reason why you can’t create exciting emails to generate sales.

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