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The best way to experience nature with children

This summer, you will find a lot of things you can do outdoors that do not require you to spend money, and can give your children hours of entertainment.You can benefit from the miracles provided by nature by simply exploring local natural areas, going out to gardens, and participating in community projects Like a Kiddi Caru Gardening Compete with sunflowers or make some natural crafts.

You can experience nature with your children in many ways, which are rich, creative, and fun! Therefore, in order to give you some inspiration, we have provided you with some ideas so that you can take full advantage of the natural surroundings.

Go to the tree to find

We owe us a lot of trees-they provide us with oxygen, store carbon, shelter and feed our wild animals. Since trees are one of the most important creatures in our ecosystem, it is very important for your children to understand the role they play in nature so that they can learn to respect the environment. Fortunately, there are many trees around, so you don’t have to walk far to see one!Why not print out tree species activities like this Leaf ID table of Woodland Trust, Which will enable your child to identify specific tree species by the characteristics of the leaves.
You can even do some bark rubbing.

Explore some beautiful places

There are many beautiful places in the UK. Some of them are completely free to visit. Since we like outdoor activities very much and often incorporate them into our family education, we have membership in National Trust and British Heritage. If you also like outdoor activities, then they are definitely worth signing up.
They enable you to explore amazing venues, like Sudbury Music Hall with Croxdon Abbey.

Do some natural crafts

In your tree hunting adventure, the leaves you found may be too beautiful go away lie on the floor.Why not collect them, take them home and make a brilliant Leaf collage A masterpiece like ours! Or, you can help your child draw a picture of a lion and use the leaves as a majestic mane. Let their creativity be fully utilized and make special things.

If you are lucky enough that there is a beach nearby, you can also collect some shells to make crafts. If you have an old photo frame by your side, you and your children can put these seaside treasures on it to give it new life. More importantly, to commemorate your seaside adventure, you can put a photo you took on the beach that day!

Make a study

Why not venture into the forest and see if you can find enough natural materials on the ground to make yourself a nest. You need some sturdy long branches, lots of branches and leaves, branches or grass to cover your nest. Make sure your child does not break the branches from the tree to protect them.

You can make a tent-style study by leaning some sturdy branches against the tree or against each other. Make sure they are safe so that they don’t end up falling and hurting anyone. You can use the small curved wooden sticks you find to weave them into and out of the walls of the building to make the study stronger.

Hope you have found some inspiration now that can enhance your natural experience with your children. Outdoor activities provide endless learning opportunities for your children, and you should participate in nature activities together. I hope you have a lot of fun and leave some memories in the process.

Do you have a favorite outdoor place?

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