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Now he is a painter

BYes Damien Hirst The first museum exhibition in France. Thirty commemorative “cherry blossoms”, some of which are diptych and/or triptych, hung in the cool glass building of the Cartier Foundation on Avenue Las Perre in Montparnasse by Jean Nouvel . The high walls of the spacious room designed as white cubes are perfect for this stage. Any further decoration will interfere. Outside, wild plants thrive in the garden established by German artist Lothar Baumgarten. Inside, sakura blossoms on dark branches under the blue sky. Its magic is irresistible.

Rose-Maria Gropp

Featured column editor, responsible for the “art market”.

Damien Hirst has been creating this series since 2018, even before the outbreak of Covid-19. Under the lockdown of his large London studio in Hammersmith, he Continue to create multiple paintings at the same time, until each painting can be considered satisfactory. As of November 2020, a total of 107 of these photos have been taken. Hirst created it almost entirely by himself, without the help of an assistant. He explained that they were bright, chaotic, and fragile, which meant that he had to get rid of minimalism and the “imaginary mechanical painter’s ideas.” In this process, he alluded to the history of the works in the past thirty years: countless “point paintings” with completely uniform colored dots on a white canvas at the same distance; or “rotating paintings” in which strong colors are distributed On the rotating circular canvas, an abstract form is formed in the form of stripes. No trace of human influence can be seen there. So these amazing “cherry blossoms” now have huge proportions and lyrical emotions at the same time.

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