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Nuno is worried that Tottenham Hotspur will be in further chaos on the next International Match Day, and Sun Xingmin expressed doubts about Crystal Palace


Altnham Head Coach Nuno Espírito Santo Expressing that the club is worried that there will be further chaos on the next international match day, and called for FIFA Provide answers to the “big questions” of players being called up to participate in matches in redlisted countries.

Spurs‘South American Young Loscelso, Christian Romero and Davinson sanchez Training in Croatia to avoid being quarantined when returning to the UK, they will miss the Derby on Saturday at the Crystal Palace and the Europa League visit to Rennes on Thursday.

The Colombian defender Sanchez and Argentina have accepted the call for World Cup qualifiers in the red list countries. If they return directly to London, they will have to spend 10 days in a quarantine hotel.

Unless their country is removed from the red list or an exemption can be arranged, they may face the same situation in the international competition next month, which worries Nuno.

“It confuses everyone,” the Spurs manager said. “Because we don’t have much news from the governing body on what we should do and what will happen on the next International Game Day.

“This is our main concern, and it can be solved in the future. But it’s really hard to understand.

“Every time an international match day comes, we are always worried because you can’t control [the situations].

“I can say that there is nothing to avoid or find a solution to this problem. FIFA, UEFA and the Premier League, they know we have a big problem between the clubs, so I hope they can solve this Problem. I hope they can solve it, but nothing I have to say will bring a solution.

“FIFA is the governing body of football, so we hope that FIFA will give the answer and tell us what we should do, because not only us, but all the clubs in the Premier League.

“This happened to South American players, but suddenly it could happen to European players, so imagine our England international can’t join the England team because they will go to the red list countries. Big problem.”

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