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Oiiwak 5MP Wi-Fi Wireless Endoscope Camera Review

Oiiwak 5MP wi-fi wireless endoscope camera

Review – An endoscope is a tool that allows you to peek into hidden spaces-deep into pipes, through holes, corners, etc. Today, we are watching one from Oiiwak, especially a new 5MP version, which promises to provide high-resolution images and videos.

what is it?

An endoscope is a camera mounted on a cable. This allows you to insert the camera into a small space that a conventional camera cannot enter. Surgeons use endoscopes that are inserted into very small incisions in order to be able to see the inside of the body without having to actually cut the patient. This is not a surgical endoscope! This is to observe internal drain pipes, engine cylinders, gun barrels, etc.

What’s in the box?

  • Oiiwak 5MP Wi-Fi wireless endoscope camera, cable and control unit
  • USB-A to micro-USB charging cable
  • Accessories-hook, magnet, 90 degree right angle mirror
  • manual
  • Support card

Hardware specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 1.75″ x 0.75″
  • Water resistance: IP67-completely dustproof, preventing temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m for 30 minutes
  • Camera width: 8.5mm (a little bit)
  • Camera resolution: 5MP, 1944P/1080P/720P, 30fps
  • Connection: wireless network
  • Lighting: six LEDs, dimmable
  • Probe length: 11.5 feet, semi-rigid
  • Battery life/charging: 1800mAh lithium battery, running time 3-4 hours, charging 4 hours
  • Tools: hook, magnet, 90 degree mirror-all metal threaded connection

Design and features

Let’s start with the Oiiwak 5MP wi-fi wireless endoscope camera cable. The cable itself is semi-rigid. The advantage is that it can be bent into a shape and can be fixed. If you want to check the vents above your head, that would be great. The disadvantage is that it makes it more difficult to push down through the drain trap. This camera is 11.5 feet long, which really gives you a very long range.

The Oiiwak 5MP wi-fi wireless endoscopic camera itself is surrounded by six dimmable LEDs. They provide plenty of light to illuminate the dark space.

The tip of the camera unscrews to allow the attachment… well… to connect.

This is a hook attachment. You can see the full metal thread inside the top of the tool.

This is a magnet tool. There is a small magnet on the top that allows you to take out any small ferromagnetic objects that might fall into the sink or car engine.

The last attachment is a 90-degree mirror, when you want to peek into something deep from a corner.

The Oiiwak 5MP wi-fi wireless endoscope camera cable is connected to the top of the control unit. On the right side of the control unit, we found the power switch at the bottom and the LED dimming wheel near the top. Let me talk about the power switch. Have you ever had a device whose power switch feels loose and you have to fiddle with it to put it perfectly in the power-on position? If you have, then you know this power switch. Turning it from off to on will not open the device. You have to move it partially, and then fiddle around until the power light comes on. this is too scary.

The micro USB (can anyone say “USB-C”?) The charging port is located on the bottom of the device.

There are control buttons and LED indicators on the front. The top button takes a photo. This will replicate the functionality in the application. The lower joystick zooms in and out digitally. Below it, we see two LED indicators.

When you actually place the power switch in the position to turn on the device, the LED at the bottom will light up in orange. After a while-less than a minute, usually but not always, the LED on the top will glow blue. When this happens, the device is broadcasting its own Wi-Fi network. I said it’s not always like sometimes, it took a long time for the LED to turn blue. Then, I want to know if Wi-Fi takes a while to start for some reason, or if I put the power switch in the wrong position, and then I will fiddle with it again.

Set up

First, download the Scope View application. It does not require an account to be set up, so it is good.

To use the endoscope, you must first turn it on, and then wait for the blue Wi-Fi LED to light up. After finishing, you may connect the phone to its Wi-Fi network after fiddling with the power switch. The password 12345678 is printed on the back of the device.

In the application, you can change the network name and password, and you can change it in the setting options of the application, but the manual recommends not to do so.

You can also change the resolution of the Oiiwak 5MP wi-fi wireless endoscope camera, but it does not remember the setting. Every time you use the camera, if you want a resolution above 1280×720, you have to change it. Shhh.

which performed

First, I grabbed a 9mm pistol. Let’s look down at the barrel. Well, this is the plan. But the 8.5mm camera is housed in a housing slightly larger than 9mm because it cannot fit into the lens barrel. Okay-let’s grab a 0.45. Okay-it works. The images and videos look good. Let’s access the gallery on my phone and upload them so that I can include them in the comments. I want to show you the high-resolution images and videos of this camera. but I can not. why? Nothing is saved to my phone. Well, this is technically incorrect. Zero-byte image and video files are saved.

This is what I saw in the phone album.

Yes-this is a broken image icon. The same is true for video files. Hmm… OK, let’s check the details of the file.

Wow-the image is a zero-byte file. What about the video?

Yes-the same thing. The strange thing is that I can enter the app and view images and videos.

Let us get the support of the company. Well, this is another question. There is no website-at least not what I can find. The only content included in the document is the email address on I went to This is what I saw after Google Translate from Simplified Chinese to English.

It seems to be the Chinese version of the landing page-a bit like Yahoo! Or AOL. Because that was my only choice, I sent an email without much hope. When I received the reply the next day, I was surprised. In the next five days, we repeatedly discussed why my Samsung S20 Ultra received zero-byte files. This is the final decision.

We have tested it many times on our Huawei and Apple phones and it works fine. Maybe our APP does not cover all models of mobile phones, we will find more models of mobile phones in the next version of the product for testing.

Then they provide $10 as compensation for reduced functionality. excellent.

I decided to look at my bathroom sink because it drains slowly occasionally.

No-the probe is too large to fit in the sink. Oh!

How about the kitchen sink?

Of course, it is suitable for disposal. Since I cannot show you the actual images, here are a few screenshots.

The blur is because I captured it from the video file while playing in the app. The actual image is as good as the video.

The application supports flipping images and shooting videos and snapshots.

what do I like

  • Good image quality
  • Long camera cable
  • Portable size

What will i change

  • You cannot perform any operations on the images and videos on Samsung S20 Ultra
  • Put in a working power switch
  • The camera is too large to fit many tanks and barrels of 9 mm or smaller
  • Remember the camera resolution setting in the app
  • Support problem

Final thoughts

I want to like Oiiwak 5MP Wi-Fi wireless endoscope camera, but unfortunately, I don’t like it. Unless you own one of Apple or Huawei phones, there is no guarantee that you will be able to save images to your device. It is true that you can still view the files in the app, but if you want to share them with someone to help diagnose the situation, you are out of luck. Coupled with no website, uncertain support, inability to save camera settings, large camera housing, and a power switch directly taken out of the discount box, your product has limited value. If you really need a critical purpose endoscope, I will look elsewhere.

price: $57.99
Where to buy: Amazon
source: The samples of this product are provided by Oiiwak.

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