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Opel is reintroducing Manta and plans to be pure electric by 2028

DOlder Opel fans will remember: Since 1970, with the sporty Manta, the Blitz brand in Ruesselsheim has won many customers. The company produced Ascona’s sister models until the end of 1988. However, soon, Manta is about to reintroduce the car market.Like an Opel boss Michael Rochelle It was announced on Thursday that the car will hit the streets in the middle of this decade. As an electric car.

Tosten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator of Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

From 2028 Opel To become “pure electric” in Europe, the chairman of the management of the only German subsidiary of the Stellattis Group announced. At the same time, the group displayed the new brand motto of the company headquartered in Ruesselsheim and its British sister brand Vauxhall: “Green is the new cool”. Starting from the summer, the only German Stellatis subsidiary will manufacture the DS4 there, “the next generation of Opel Astra will be produced later next year.” These two models are also marketed as hybrid vehicles in electric form. This year, Opel will offer nine electric models.

Success model Corsa-e

On “Stellantis EV Day”, Lohscheller also talked about bringing Opel to the Chinese market-all-electric vehicles. Opel boss can refer to the success of the small car Corsa, which is the leader in the same level of the market. In June, the company’s sales of such cars increased by 80% from a year ago. This includes a large part of Corsa-e. A FAZ spokesperson announced that Corsa-e accounted for one-fifth of sales in the first half of this year, and even reached 23.5% in June.

He said that electrification is an emotional thing for Opel customers. “We use electrification to convey pure emotion.” The lightning in the company logo is a symbol of this.

Lohscheller also talked about the long tradition of the brand and mentioned the electric GT in 1971. This model is equipped with two DC motors from Bosch. Georg von Opel drives this car at Hockenheimring.

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