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Opinion polls show that only 12% of Texans “absolutely” plan to donate money to build the Mexican border wall

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott A website has been opened to provide monetary donations for the border wall project in the state, but a new poll shows that not many residents plan to donate.

A kind Polls By carrying out Dallas Morning News The University of Texas at Tyler found that only 12% of adults would “definitely” donate to the project. 18% of respondents said they “may” donate to the cause.

Twelve percent of Texans said they are unlikely to provide funding, and 38% of adults said they “will never” donate to the border wall. 14% of respondents said that they are not yet sure whether they will contribute to the project.

The Republican governor officially announced on June 16 plans to build a separation wall along his border with Mexico. The construction cost of this structure will be jointly paid by state funds and public donations.

“These are the money of Texas taxpayers, and Texans should not pay this money because the federal government is legally obliged to do so under federal immigration laws,” Abbott said in a press conference. “But because they didn’t do this, Texas taxpayers have to step up their efforts so that we as a state can protect our citizens.”

The survey revealed that approximately $250 million in state funds has been used as the “down payment” for the project-which is 43% of the Texan’s support.

The governor has set up a crowdfunding website where individuals can donate by check or credit card. The fund will be maintained by the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

Abbott office told Weekly newspaper On June 23, it received $459,000 in donations for the wall.

The unfinished portion of the border wall was seen in La Jolla, Texas on July 1, 2021. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has pledged to build a border wall, as most Central American immigrants flow into the United States and continue to challenge US immigration agencies. But only 12% of Texans said they would “definitely” donate to the border wall project.
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Texas plans to establish its own physical barrier with Mexico Joe Biden Order the suspension of the construction of the former president Donald TrumpThe city wall on the south side. During Trump’s four years in the White House, 450 miles of border walls were built, but not all of them were in Texas.

Abbott believes that in the event of a surge in immigration, Lonestar State must take action to protect residents. In May, border officials encountered 180,034 crossings—the largest number in 20 years.

When he appeared at the border with Trump last week, Abbott praised the former president as “one who has done more to ensure border security than anyone and any president.”

Opinion polls show that 45% of Texans strongly or somewhat agree that the Texas-Mexico wall is necessary for a secure border. About a quarter of the interviewees disagree that the wall is for security.

Dallas Morning News The University of Texas at Taylor conducted a survey of 1,090 adults between June 22 and 29. The margin of error in this poll is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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