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When asked about the critics’ motives, Lori Lightfoot gave what may be the stupidest response in her history – RedState

Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot may not be The sharpest tool In the shed, many people think she is the worst mayor in the United States (I personally think that a very convincing case can be made).But one thing Lightfoot do To her advantage, her critics have figured it out.

Or at least she think She will.

In an interview last week, a WTTW reporter asked Lightfoot if she believed that the criticism she received during her tenure as mayor was related to the fact that she was a woman, “especially, a black man. Madam. “

This is a question deliberately asked by a “reporter” who is considered to be impartial. Naturally, Lightfoot received the ball and Run with it:

When asked how much of the criticism was related to the fact that she was a black woman, Lightfoot said, “About 99%.”

“Look at my predecessors. Do people say that Rich Daley had a tea party with someone he (disagrees)? Ram Emanuel is a polite person, a united person? No,” Lightfoot said . “The standards for women and people of color are always different. I understand this, and I have known it all my life.”


“Can I do things better in a different way? Of course. I hope that for me and others, life is a lifelong learning experience,” Lightford said. “But I fully understand that critics, some of whom are present, are criticizing me because they don’t like seeing women in power and making progress on an agenda that undermines the status quo.”


When I write such a comment, I feel that my record is broken, but in these cases, the victim card is often typed-and it is false-so they must continue to fight back until “sexism/ The “POC” crutch was burned and the ashes were thrown into the sea.

The “99%” criticism of Lori Lightfoot did not stem from sexism and racism.In fact, some of her most outspoken critics are the mothers of the murdered Chicagoans, who are frustrated by her ineffective leadership on the rising violent crime problem that plagues the city, and the fate of black activists. Do not think She has had enough sleep.Chicago Police Department Is not Big fans, either. Should we believe that all these people are sexists and racists?

Asking politicians’ leadership skills and suggesting that the possibility that they don’t have the right temperament to do the job is neither “sexist” nor “racist” (by the way, I have to say that I was offended by Lightfoot nor did Critics accusing her of homophobia).Hillary Clinton has Made a similar claim Lightfoot has it, which shows that one of the reasons she lost in 2016 was because people allegedly thought she did not fully express her emotions.

However, in fact, Trump bears the brunt of criticism of his mood and temperament, and Clinton himself bears the brunt. These criticisms continued into his presidency.

In addition, I still remember the debate about the reversal of male sentiment in 1988 when the Democrat Mike Dukakis competed with the then Vice President George HW Bush. Dukakis was asked a hypothetical question during a debate about the rape and murder of his wife Kitty. When talking about his wife, his answer appeared cold and indifferent, which political observers believed would help undermine any hope of him becoming president.

Male candidates for senior positions crying in public are also facing strict censorship and criticism from the media, commentators and the public.

In my opinion, when judging whether male and female candidates are “too emotional” or “not enough emotional”, the field has been at a level for decades, which is almost an indisputable point.

This is not to say that there are no critics of sexism and racism, but in my opinion, they are in short supply-Lightfoot may know this. But by convention, when Democrats’ backs are against the wall—especially, a person who ticked all the boxes (women of color, lesbians)—the default is to reach out for the victim card, because that’s them. The condition to do when everything else fails. This is a transparent attempt to end the debate, and it often works.

As a woman, it makes me feel very embarrassed to see this happening constantly, and I know that I am far from the only person who feels this way.

As i already Said before, Repeatedly using women’s and/or racial cards as an excuse to bypass legitimate criticism, downplaying the true meaning of “sexism” and “racism” to “men who disagree with women (usually Republicans) (usually Republicans) People) “Democrats)” or “whites (usually Republicans) who disagree with blacks (usually Democrats). This is not good for a single woman, whether she is of color or not. not one.

When Democratic women fake female cards to obtain cheap political points, it is naive and demeaning to all women. This may help them politically, but it certainly won’t help the women they claim to fight for.

Yes, gender discrimination still exists. Unfortunately, it will never completely disappear. But not all perceived minorities are related to gender discrimination.Not every policy battle boils down to sexism or racism

Sometimes-in fact, most of the time-these criticisms are nothing more than simple criticisms, the kind of criticism that may or may not be resolved by old-fashioned passionate debate.

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