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Panch Tree Lodge | Pugdente Tour

After we stayed at Kanha Earth Lodge, we were not close to nature, so we drove to Panch Tree Inn with Pugdenti Tour Another fascinating stay in the forest and wild animals. Close to the Karmajhiri gate entrance in Penchi National Park, this happens to be a less crowded and commercial gate, so technically, you have to line up in smaller groups at the beginning of the day to enter the park.

As the name suggests, we live in a tree house, which is actually built on a twist tree, supported by stilts of course. The lush green scenery wakes you up, enjoy the perfect French press coffee and the birds chirping around.This Panch Tree Inn There are 6 huts and 6 tree houses, which are far enough away from each other to provide complete privacy for the occupants, and from time to time you will often see jackals, wild boars and even bush cats.

Our gorgeous bedroom

I like watching the sunset from the bed most!

There is a beautiful dining and relaxation area by the pool. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be equally special every time. They have a lot of books and board games to play on the upper deck, not to mention the best sunset viewing spots there. Watching the sun go down, we drank a lot of beer!

Many products come from their own organic vegetable garden. The rest are freshly purchased from local suppliers.

One of the experiences I had a lot of fun was cycling on the road and off-road. We walked about 12 kilometers and went straight to the buffer zone of the national park. It was refreshing to do nothing but change gears on our bikes and watch the forest and country life go on as usual.

Our trip to Pench National Park was equally exciting. You can see jackals, bison, samba deer, wild boar and a large number of sika deer.

Such a beautiful accommodation, the most warm hospitality, delicious food and lots of natural conversation! Can’t wait to come back here!

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