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Papers, electric scooters and more! -RST # 65-Italian Podcast

There is no reflection on the new episode, and I am chattering about columns for half an hour or more without any text or script! Today I am talking to you (unfortunately alone) about my life and what I am doing these days. listen well!
Here are some difficult words:

Result=become/prove yes, result is
It’s also a kind of exercise for me, because half an hour or forty minutes of conversation and fun are not easy

Low morale = frustrating
It’s a bit frustrating to see some comments, it’s offensive

Sulle orme di = follow/at
Following in the footsteps of the English word “divisive”, we also say “divisive” in Italian

Cavarsela = handle it, manage it
He is at large, at large.

Calm your soul = accept negative things
I calmed my soul and started writing.

Vertere = About
What is my thesis about?

Supervisor (Thesis) = Supervisor, Supervisor
Even with the help of my rapporteur, I must consider what questions to ask.

Figata = cool stuff
This scooter is cool!

Hot potatoes = a problem
Hot Potatoes

Bike lane = bike lane
There are few bike lanes in Italy

Legislative vacuum = no law to regulate something
There is a legislative vacuum

Laugh out loud = laugh out loud
Maybe if you live in Germany or the Netherlands, you will laugh out loud.

Superare = beyond, beyond
I hope to exceed the quality of this video

Blaterare = nonsense
Thank you for listening to my nonsense for 28 or 29 minutes

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