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Piattos Truffle Cream + 6 Unexpectedly Fun New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Love Making in 2024

I am a lover of truffle flavours, ask my jowar.I can smell truffles from a mile away but he can't Know that there is a unique taste. When I saw the new Piattos Truffle Cream in the supermarket I immediately tried it and like any other Piattos flavour, it did not disappoint.

That being said, it’s always worth trying new things, and in 2024 make this your best year yet. In addition, according to Feng Shui tips, this is the best year for you to transform or transform. If the old thing or the normal thing you were doing no longer works, try something new.

Change is the only constant thing in life and that is empowerment. Think about it. You can introduce new experiences into your life whenever you want to spice things up and improve your lifestyle. What better time than the New Year to make these changes?

To make your resolutions more feasible and more likely to stick to you, make them concrete and, most importantly, make them fun. Check out some ideas below:

Hold a monthly “Say Yes Day”

Want to get out of your comfort zone? Choose one day each month when you have to say “yes” to a randomly presented invitation or opportunity (within reason, of course!). Maybe a friend invites you to go hiking or try indoor rock climbing. Then, watch yourself have tons of unexpected fun, pick up a hobby, and maybe even learn a thing or two about yourself.

But date yourself

Choose an activity that you enjoy doing with others, but do it alone. Have you ever tried going to a theme park alone? Or go to an art museum by yourself? How about a trip to the beach alone? Dating yourself can help you discover yourself on a deeper level and teach you to be your own best friend.

Become a weekend explorer

Expand your world by spending a day exploring a nearby region or city and discovering its hidden gems. Did you know Quezon City is home to a bar with an art gallery, a garage that doubles as a bar serving local craft beer, and a mini zoo? In Pampanga, you can try extreme sports like water skiing and ultralight flying.

Check out the unique experience

Have you ever tried smashing ceramic with a bat in an anger room? Or throwing the wheel in pottery class? How about solving a mystery and escaping an escape room? In the new year, create fun and unforgettable memories with your loved ones (or yourself) by trying an activity you've never tried before.

Meet new friends

Friends are great for your health, so what about making more friends? Make a conscious effort to attend more social events. Having more friends with different interests and personalities can help you expand your horizons, explore more aspects of your personality, and get more out of life.

Try foods you haven't tried before

Every day is an opportunity to discover new cuisine. Every week, dine at new restaurants, discover new cuisines, or try exciting new flavors of your favorite snacks, like the limited-edition flavors of Piattos, Piato Truffle Cream.

Piattos Truffle Cream combines the flavors of rich, earthy truffle and smooth, milky cream, all packaged in a crunchy hexagonal crisp. Pair with your favorite beverage for a delightful snack experience.

You can buy this premium snack with confidence as it only costs P17.45 (suggested retail price) for a 40-gram individual package. You can also share it with your friends and purchase an 85-gram friend pack for only P36.50 (suggested retail price).

Who says resolutions have to be boring? Go all out in 2024 and inject some fun into your resolutions.

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