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Place customer recommendations on the website (+example)

Consumers are increasingly turning a blind eye to marketing and advertising strategies. Buyers’ journeys are getting longer and longer, and people’s trust in companies is getting slower. what kind of business?

Build credibility. It starts with the customer’s recommendation.

Imagine someone is looking for a product you sell. He called a friend and asked for a recommendation. Friends recommend your product.

This person buys from you based on recommendations.

The same goes for the best customer recommendations.It’s not so much communication between friends as it is Communication from a customer to the public.

There are two types of customer recommendations.

one is User-generated contentThe customer posts a blog post or social update and mentions how much he or she likes your product.

The second is to solicit opinions. You ask the client what he or she thinks, and the client has an obligation.

Both forms of customer recommendations are powerful. But where should you put them on your website? How can they really help your business?

What is a customer testimonial on the website?

What is customer evaluation

Customer recommendation is a fair and positive evaluation of your product, service or business. Customers have purchased items from you in the past and have sent you a passionate statement of admiration.

When you publish the recommendation on your website, it will be public. Anyone considering a purchase can read it and judge its value.

You can see an example on the website of my agent, Neil Patel Number.

Customer Evaluation-Neal Patel-Numbers

Yes, Google really said that. But you don’t need customer recommendations from large companies to benefit from it.

Customer recommendations can be short, as above, or longer.Some companies issued Video recommendation, This can prove to be very convincing, and many people use the customer’s photo next to his or her offer.

Remember: you are building credibility. Anyone can make up a fascinating quote and attribute it to “Amy S”. If you can provide the customer’s full name, a link to his or her website, information about the customer’s position, and other identifying data, the credibility factor will increase.

Why is the recommendation letter so important?

Importance of customer reviews

A study found that using customer testimonials can increase each customer’s revenue by 62%. Do you want to increase your income by that amount? I know I will.

This is advice that helps encourage people to buy your products or invest in your services. They know from the customer’s recommendation that others have tried it. Not only that, they are also full of praise for it.

There are two main principles here.

On the one hand, people don’t like to be the first-unless of course they line up to buy the latest iPhone. think about it. If a customer is asked to try a new drug, he or she may ask how many people have taken it and whether it works. No one wants to be a guinea pig.

Being number one is inherently risky. Since the customer does not know the experiences of other people, he or she lacks a frame of reference other than what the company says about its products or services.

Which business owner tells customers that the product is cheap, defective, inaccurate or ineffective? Absolutely not.

The second principle is fear of missing out-millennials call it FOMO. Believe me, this is true.

This is why Urgency and scarcity Do a good job in marketing. Consumers saw that they had only a small opportunity to take advantage of the offer, so they seized it.

The same goes for customer reviews. A person logged into your website and saw three enthusiastic reviews of your flagship product. He or she thinks, “These people are benefiting from the product. Why should I miss it?”

If you can use Human psychology And behavior for your business, why not take advantage? As long as you solicit legitimate customer recommendations, you are on the white hat side of the marketing game.

Where should you place customer recommendations on your website?

Please refer to the data when deciding where to place customer recommendations on your website. The more information you have, the more effective your customer recommendations will be.

Many companies include them on their homepages. Since many people find businesses and log on to the homepage through Google searches, this strategy can work well.

Other good places to include customer recommendations include:

However, you won’t know which area is the most effective until the data is collected.

Use user behavior tools to track user navigation

A website behavior tracking tool, such as Crazy Egg Allows you to monitor the activities of people throughout the site (while still complying with the GDPR!). You will know where they came from, which pages they visited, where they clicked, and how they interacted with interactive elements such as forms.

For example, a Heat map Behavior reports can show the most active places on a given page. You can also view the scroll graph to see where people stop and start scrolling on the page. This information allows you to place customer recommendations in key areas.

For example, if no one scrolls to the bottom of a particular page, placing testimonials there will be fruitless. No one will see. On the other hand, if you notice a lot of concentrated activities in the sidebar of the site, please consider adding recommendations there.

Test different places

Now is the testing phase. Past data allows you to make educated guesses about where customer recommendations should go, but after publishing these recommendations, you need conclusive data to determine whether they have a positive impact.

Run A/B testing On a specific page and check your user behavior report. Which version shows the most activity near your client testimonials? Which version is the best to convert?

How many recommendation letters should you include on your website?

There are no magic numbers here. You may have a recommendation from a recognized expert in your field, or you may have dozens of recommendations.

Many companies have Recommended page. You click on the link to view everyone’s evaluation of the company, product, or service.

E.g, Tianzi, A content production company, uses recommendation pages to highlight offers from its clients. These references link to individual case studies.

Customer reviews-how much should you include

If you scroll down further, you will find customer recommendations that are not case studies.

Customer Referral Website

The best strategy is to collect as many customer recommendations as possible. Use the most influential quotes in the key areas you identified on your website, then create a page for the rest. Anyone who wants to know what other people are saying about your business can check it out.

One of the great benefits of displaying a large number of customer recommendations is that it conveys two things:

  1. What people say about your business
  2. How many customers do you have

You won’t get recommendations from everyone who buys from you, but it’s usually assumed that businesses with more recommendations have more customers. This is always a good thing.

Customer Service Tips

Why do you need to know how to write a recommendation letter? Because you can look at other businesses and rely on reciprocity to gather more customer recommendations.

Suppose your company A has used the services of B company for many years. Company B also uses your services.

You wrote a customer recommendation letter for Company B and sent it. In order to express gratitude, Company B may write a letter of recommendation for you.

Is it always effective? will not. But this is a great way to gather more reviews about your business.

The best way to write a letter of recommendation is to use something very specific to guide it. The testimony said: “Excellent service, preferential price!” Not very specific. It can help increase conversion rates, but it’s better to point out recommendations for specific gratitude areas.

For example, suppose that company B has excellent customer service. You can write a recommendation like this:

“Every time I have a question, the team at Company B will reply immediately, even if I call late at night. They are quick and polite, which makes my job a lot easier.

Isn’t that specific?

Or maybe Company B helped you achieve your goals. Your letter of recommendation may look like this:

“After using Company B, my sales increased by 52%. I was ecstatic! Before I started using this service, I didn’t know how we survived.”

do you understand? If you use details—especially numbers—your customer recommendations will become more credible and persuasive.

3 examples of business customer testimonials that can inspire you

Over the years, I have read thousands of customer reviews, but few persisted. However, I want to show you three things that amaze me in terms of specificity and persuasiveness.

1. Simple driver

Simple driver Is a guidance and education website dedicated to helping people start their careers as Uber drivers. The recommendation page can be updated in terms of design, but the recommendation itself is great.

I found this special note:

Examples of customer reviews

First, you will notice that the recommendation letter includes the client’s full name and photo. Excellent job.

The recommendation book itself is full of details. First, she expressed the shared fear of Uber drivers-being a woman and safety issues-and elaborated on her specific goals. Then she tells potential clients how much money she made.

It is specific and highly personalized.

2. Exhibition system

Customer Evaluation-Exhibition System-Example

Exhibition system Sell ​​exhibits for trade shows and other events. One of the customer recommendations caught my attention:
Again, there are many peculiarities here. The client’s full name and industry are used to provide credibility for the recommendation letter, and she specifically mentioned the company’s responsiveness. I also like her talking about how the company shares her values ​​and goals. This is a powerful marketing message.

3. Blue Fountain Media

Another good example comes from Blue fountain media. This testimonial contains many of the ideal qualities I discussed in my previous post:

Customer Evaluation-Blue Fountain

In this recommendation letter, we can see the customer’s full name, position, company, and link to the company’s website. The recommendation letter itself mentions some details-“atmosphere, survey level, feedback and traffic”-to show why he particularly likes this company.

in conclusion

Whether you are reposting them from satisfied customers or asking them to post on your blog, customer recommendations can prove very convincing in marketing.

There are also many changes in how they are presented and what information to include. You may need to edit them to get the best information from the longer comments.

Anyway, start Ask for recommendation right now. Collect data on how people navigate and click from your website, and then recommend the right area for your customers.

Once they are online, start your A/B testing. Determine the ideal design. You will thank yourself in the future.

do not forget Reciprocity. If you provide comments, you may get comments in return.

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