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Police officer will not serve prison sentence after killing 4-year-old girl on sidewalk in patrol car

A police officer in Columbia, Missouri, who drove a patrol car and killed a 4-year-old girl on the sidewalk, will not be sentenced to prison.

Colombian Police Officer Andria Heese (Andria Heese) was sentenced to two years of probation by Boone County Court judge on Thursday.

According to KMIZ News, the sentencing memorandum on June 30 stated that the possibility of Heese committing a crime again in the future is very low. According to KMIZ, the memo did not recommend a sentence to Heese.

In January 2019, Heese fatally attacked 4-year-old Gabriella Curry near Battle High School at 7575 E. St. Charles Road in Columbia.

According to a press release issued by the Columbia Police Department in 2019, Heese drove a “market patrol car” and hit Curry on the sidewalk during school.

“The officer, another CPD officer at the school, and other school staff began to provide immediate medical care for the child. The officer requested further medical assistance via radio. Columbia Fire and University Ambulance EMS arrived and provided advanced life support. The child Was taken to a university hospital for first-level trauma and CPD escort,” the Columbia Police Department said in 2019. “Despite first-aid workers’ attempts to save lives at the scene and in the hospital, the child died because of injuries in the incident.”

Colombian Acting Police Chief Gil Schlud said at the time: “I will ask everyone to pray for their families and for the police officers involved in this incident.”

Heese was initially charged with manslaughter in Curry’s death, but she pleaded not guilty. However, last month, the special prosecutor in the case Kevin Hillman reduced the charges to careless and reckless driving. Heese pleaded guilty to the reduced charges.

When testifying in her sentence on Thursday, Heath said: “I want to say I am very sorry.”

“I am heartbroken for Gabby and her parents. I hope this will never happen. If I can do anything and go back and do it again, I will,” she continued. “I was shocked by this, and I know you all have been hit.”

According to KMIZ News, in May 2020, the Colombian Police Department reached a $3.4 million settlement agreement with Curry’s family in a negligent death lawsuit.

The Colombian Police Department stated in 2019 that Heese was given administrative leave after the incident. Colombia KOMU-TV reported that Heese is still employed by the Colombian Police Department, but it is not clear whether she is still on administrative leave.

Weekly newspaper Contacted the Columbia Police Department for further comment, but did not receive a timely response.

On Thursday, July 8, a Missouri judge ruled that an officer of the Columbia Police Department would not go to jail after hitting and killing a 4-year-old girl with a patrol car. On February 26, 2005, police tape was hung across the street in front of a house in Park City, Kansas.
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