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Preference? (You wish) – Con Erika – RST #58 – Podcast Italiano

In this episode of thoughts that are not transcribed, Erica and I played the famous game “Will you?” We ask some absurd questions. We hope this episode will make you laugh (or at least laugh…we are satisfied). listen well!
Here are some difficult words we use:

Then this episode disappeared, completely disappeared, no one knows where it went

Risate real-real laughter
It’s hilarious, with real laughter, just like rarely seen on podcasts Italian [00:45]

Despair-despair (don’t “despair”)
But don’t despair, I’ve heard our listeners cry now [00:54]

But the same as last time!David has cheated a lot

Learn the other five languages, but know Italian like you did when you were seven-and you can’t make progress, which means it will stay that way forever.

Broaden your horizons-open up prospects and possibilities
So this is your ultimate choice? -Yes, I don’t know how wise it is, but in my opinion, it opens up more horizons for life anyway.

Hypothesis-imagine, imagine
Can imagine a future […] The number of languages ​​will decrease, and this is already happening.
In other words, you tell me that everything has changed overnight from now on?

Understanding = Discovered by listening to someone’s opinion
If no one finds out that I have this choice, maybe I will choose to speak all languages.

Caring-caring about something
Oh, I know, but I have the future of mankind in my heart.

Integration-In this example, it means “earn more and add an additional source of income”
But you can’t do other work to integrate

Andare in ferie – going on holiday
You work every day, you can go on vacation, two weeks off each year

Che cosa te ne fai? – What’s the point of having it, implying that something is useless
You never have time to spend it, that is, you don’t have time to do anything, then what do you use it for? [10:27]
Another example might be “I didn’t do anything to the car, I never use it, I don’t need it”

Reach a good place-make a living
But not being able to spend the remaining time on making money and working seems like a waste […] Try to reach the end of the month

Dare to be the first-cherish
What do you value most, time or money? [11:28]Family Management-Family Management, Family Owned

Tilt = damaged, not working-Tilt = out of control
I let her lean, she didn’t know what to say.

Family Management = Family Management
Then maybe you can do some work where you have a family business, so you are also with your family

Feel = consider
[…] Rich and honest, but acquaintances are thief

Bring = cause, produce
I steal, but will I hurt others?

Illegal (adjective) = illegal
Illegal (noun)=illegal behavior
You earn this money through illegal actions, which are usually detrimental to others

Criminal prosecution = punishment according to law
Rapina = Robbery
No, punished according to law. It’s like robbery. If not too easy, this is what all Italians do.

Peck (slang) = discovery
Am I at risk of being caught by the police?

Gattabuia = prison (but an older term), prison
Don’t I risk that one day the police will come and take me to jail?

Yes, (they get) the cart unattended.

Undertake-start, undertake
This is the crime I want to commit, a crime of stealing from everyone.

Let go = turn a blind eye to your actions, don’t complain about what you do
We will let you pass.

Fins = flippers (used to swim underwater)
Muta da sub = wetsuit
Would you rather wear fins all the time or wear a diving suit with a mask?

Unacceptable prospects
In my opinion, these two views are two views that are unacceptable to society.

Attillato = tight fit (for clothes)
Hmm, (the jumpsuit) is a bit tight, isn’t it?

Boccaglio = breathing tube, mouthpiece, the tube you exhale while swimming underwater
Although you have to breathe through the mouthpiece

Girare = walk around
Do you like to always wear shorts or a woolen hat on your head?

Kebab (slang)-the place for kebabs
Maybe you wear a woolen hat to a rotisserie that looks a bit too elegant, but you can use it.

Penultima-second to last, second to last
This is the last (category) right? No, second to last:

Secretly-secretly, secretly
You can sneak up and eat a sandwich under the table.

Consistenza-texture (food)
Yes, you must choose the consistency you like.

Fragrance = Fragrance (for food)
Bite = bite (bite), placed under the tooth
You see a cake, it is delicious, and then you take a bite, it tastes like fish.

Slimy = slimy
Discard = fail, reject, discard
I prefer the slimy texture of freshly caught salmon.

Moscow = fly
Sciame = bee colony
buzz = buzz, hum, the sound made by insects in flight
Would you rather have your eyes full of eyes like flies, or have a group of flies buzzing around you?

Inhibire = brake, restrain, restrict, hinder
In my opinion, both have a social inhibitory effect

Hair = hairstyle
Folto = thick, dense
Three-dimensional figure = muscular
Bald = bald (this is a derogatory term), bald
Would you rather have thick hair or a sculptural physique, but only live for 20 years before being bald?
Erika likes bald men

Controversy builders physique-not a great body.
A word game born as an internet meme. “Weightlifter” is a “weightlifter” in Italian, but in Italian we can also say “to raise a dispute” or “to say something controversial”.

Wig = wig
It’s better to wear a wig! [32:00]

Thicken (to thicken, see above)
Your hair has thickened, just in case…

Clown = something stupid, like a clown (clown)
Let’s end this antics

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