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Professor Russo (short stories for learning the subjunctive tone)-Intermediate #34-Italian Podcast


  • Verbs of will, expectation, doubt, feeling, and control-1 (Want that, hope that, doubt that, etc.)
  • Objective expression-2 (Weird, beautiful, like, like, etc.)
  • Opinion Verb-3 (Believe, think, etc.)
  • Other subjunctive mood (A)

Professor Russell

In Liceo d’Azeglio, a small town in northern Italy, he teaches a science professor who is beloved by students. His name is Michele Russo, but his students call him Prof. Russo. Professor Russo is a real person mechanism In Liceo d’Azeglio. He is 64 years old and has been teaching high school since he was 27 years old.
For a lot really weird Thinking that A person May (2) Worked in the same school for 37 years. It might be like this Yes (2) Even to Russell it was strange.
For professors, Dazerio’s high school is like a home: he himself studied there when he was young and became a professor after graduation. Over the years, he has seen generations of students pass by. seem Even some teachers, who are now Russo’s colleagues, already (2) Past themselves students.
As mentioned earlier, Russo is the legend of d’Azeglio. His students and colleagues like him very much.nobody Want to that Stop (1) Teach and all They hope Not this year Yes (1) His last.
Although not Want one) that His teacher Leave (1) High school, that is Inevitable that Happen (2) sooner or later.In fact, Russo has almost arrived contribution Must retire.

But he was not so interested in the idea of ​​staying at home all day.Is not think Than retired May 3) To replace the job he has always loved is not Believe More free time than Both (3) It must be a good thing.Oneself it is for him, Will go (A-hypothetical period) There are still ten years.To be honest he didn’t it seems Not even that Yes (2) 37 years have passed.

For him, teaching is a real passion.That’s why he thinks that some professors Yes (2) Tired of teaching, because 37 years later, he still has the same enthusiasm as the first day.
His colleague instead they think that Yes (3) It’s hard to teach for so long without losing enthusiasm They understand Come face (other), which one sia (other) Its secret.
In addition, it is normal After years of teaching yes Lose (2) Some initial enthusiasm.Being a teacher in a public school is a difficult job clue A lot of hard work and dedication (sad, In fact, that Yes [2] This kind of work Times Paid, At least in Italy).

I know You attended A lecture he gave there You will let Bill (A-hypothetical period) Russo’s enthusiasm is contagious.Yes strange Than a person who has explained thousands of times on the composition of rocks, the biology of the human body, and the structure of DNA provide (2) Very happy when repeating these concepts Millennium Time and most importantly Success (2) Pass this enthusiasm to the students.
it is very beautifulAfter all, there Yes (2) Even a teacher like him, someone success (2) Even after so many years, keep enthusiasm for work, not Each Unfortunately, in boredom and depression distinguish Many will A better place if everyone Yes (A-hypothetical period) like him.

Russo is a real performer: no Want to that His lesson Yes (1) Serious and boring, but like that His students do have fun (1) electronic with Entertainment (1). non- Believe that a lesson have to (3) Become a monologue instead of Want that it Yes (1); For this reason, he always tries to involve his students.
non- Aim to that His students do Dash (1) as if it is (other) The authority to listen in religious silence (what other teachers do), but on the contrary, Want to electronic like that His students do interrupt (1) If they have any questions (it is indeed Feliz How do [2]).

However, the strangest thing is: not need that This Diano (1) your (It’s normal in high school), but like that His students Diano (1) yourThis makes him a unique professor at d’Azeglio, and honestly, he is different from most teachers.Generally speaking Understandable that The teacher is not Birthmark (2) Give students too much confidence.Some teachers Cocked nose, In fact, when I think of my own students may Give you a parrot. They feel that Both (1) Inadmissible They hope students don’t Believe too much.
However, Russo does not like form and in spite of Have (One kind) Much older than his students, Want to that These ones Dash (1) as a friend.Of course, Russo did not allow that students Missing (1) respect, But this usually does not happen.

Russo likes singing and dancing: when he arrives in class, he doesn’t immediately start explaining the theme of the day, but entertains with his students for a few minutes.According to him resulting in Students do Relax (1) A little before class.
He often likes to start classes from one jokeTo be honest, it’s often his jokes and his joke They are a bit repetitive with himself Suspected His students will not laugh (1) So many why they think This is a joke Yes (1) It’s interesting how much is because they found interesting that his repeat (other) It’s always the same lines, I don’t remember saying it many times.

From this story It seems (1) That Russian Yes (2) It’s kind of silly, but it’s not the case. He is a very knowledgeable teacher and he knows the composition of rocks better than anyone. His knowledge goes far beyond science: he is an expert in film, history, language, literature and Latin. Yes strange that Know (2) So many things!
Sometimes, for fun, he asked his students which it is(One kind) The topic of the previous lesson. For example, when he answered “Petrak”, “Second-Order Equation”, “Socrates”, he showed that he understood these arguments well, as if in Have (other) Come back the day before.

What is Russell’s secret?how is it possible that So many teachers don’t success (2) Not even let their students pay attention, sometimes do (2) fatigue Even being respected and finally yelling at their students remain silent?
He doesn’t even know, but Hypothesis that Have (3) Because he treats students as adults and knows how to arouse their curiosity. He not only teaches the course of the day, he also tries to get his students to think and ask many questions.Russia always has idea So many students Yes (1) No power Yes (1) Desire to learn because their teachers cannot make the subjects they teach interesting.Yes normal Socratic philosophy May (2) It seems very far away for a fifteen year old boy, but he Believe that There Both (2) A way to make anything interesting, even the most boring topic.

When he started not Do you think Yes (2) Become a teacher one day longevity Institute’s. Now the day when he stops working is getting closer. Russo is an emotional person Yes very much Very likely that with put (2) He cried when he had to say goodbye to colleagues and students. In the past, he encountered this situation when he greeted the last-year students who had completed the five-year high school course. I know Pit (A-hypothetical period) For him, this will be eternal teaching.

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