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Promote members to participate in health plan data analysis

As Spotify and Amazon can attest, digital technology plus personalization is a successful formula. Consumers want to access their favorite services and products anytime, anywhere without having to screen irrelevant information. They want tailor-made recommendations to make their lives easier.more than Eight out of ten Consumers say they are more likely to choose to see them as a person rather than just a digital business. The rewards for business and health plans are huge: by paving the way for better service, better relationships, and a better consumer experience, personalization also increases profits.

There is a challenge: to provide personalized data. A health plan that wants to provide a member-centered experience requires the right insights to fully understand the needs and needs of individual members. However, many health plans are forced to use stale or incomplete data, especially when CMS transfers a list of new members or new employers sign the plan. It is almost impossible for such a system to provide meaningful personalization, so the membership experience will be affected.

Use data from the original source and Consumer insights, The health plan can fill in the missing links in the membership profile and maximize the consumer experience. Here, we examine how three specific data-driven strategies can help your health plan attract and retain satisfied members, and demonstrate digital excellence by using personalization to drive improvements in communication and care.

  1. Personalize member communications to maximize participation

By going beyond simple demographic data and clinical information, health plans can discover what is truly important to members. Consumer data Provide detailed insights on the types of content that most resonate with members’ lifestyles, interests, and health. Health plans can tailor marketing messages accordingly, by highlighting articles about treatment-related diseases or sending reminders before annual check-ups. The health plan can also discover when and how to communicate with members so that they are most likely to respond. When the membership profile shows who prefers email or text and when, health plans can elicit higher levels of participation, improve the consumer experience and see better results from targeted outreach activities.

  1. Make improvement decisions based on the most relevant data

Consumer insights can also be used to develop an improvement plan that aligns members with exactly what they need to get the best health results. Combining insights into patient behavior patterns with an understanding of the challenges faced by individual members means that health plans can subdivide members, so the right support will be used in the right place.For example, work hard Improve medication compliance If it is based on accurate and current membership information, it will be more successful. Automatic and personalized reminders can be sent to specific members so that they can fill out the prescription in time before the prescription is exhausted. Compare this to the “spray and pray” consciousness movement that uses general information that may be overlooked. The data-oriented improvement strategy is operationally efficient and creates a better experience for members.

  1. Help members overcome healthy social barriers

Finally, when member profiles include a snapshot of how social and economic factors affect their ability to access health care, health plans can take action to provide support. Bridging the care gap that arises due to the patient’s failure to attend appointments on time or eventually re-admission to hospital usually involves very simple solutions. If the data shows that the member has children but there are no other adults in the family, then it makes sense to cross-promote childcare services. Similarly, if you don’t know that the member owns a car, a health plan can provide information about free transportation.Understand these Social determinants of health It can help the health plan to provide active support, and in the long run, members can enjoy better health results.

Experian Health’s rich data set makes health plans accessible Member-level insights More than 330 million consumers use data analysis and automation tools to help make business decisions based on the most relevant and up-to-date data. contact us Learn how we can help provide the personalized experience that members are looking for.

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