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QAnon Shaman denies that a federal judge was released for his role in the Capitol riots

A federal judge dismissed the request of Jacob Angeli Chansley (Jacob Angeli Chansley), the Phoenix man, also known as the “QAnon Shaman,” who was waiting for the January 6th Capitol riots The trial of the six federal charges required his release.

During the riots, Chansley attracted attention for his face painting and horned furry hat.

According to a report from the Republic of Arizona, Judge Royce Lambers said on Monday that Chanceley’s lawyers “did not provide any evidence in his motion or oral arguments”, which is important for his decision to detain Chanceley. Significant significance”, that is, legal standards.

Lambers believed that Chansley was at risk of fleeing because he did not have a job, but went to Washington, DC to raid the Capitol.

Chansley’s lawyer Albert Watkins said that Chansley has been in solitary confinement, which has caused damage to his mental health. He was transferred to a facility in Colorado in June for a court-ordered psychological screening to determine his suitability for trial.

Watkins argued that if Chansley is released, his family from the Phoenix area will provide him with support.

Lambers responded in his written ruling, considering that “Angeli’s family ties did not prevent him from traveling without being discovered in the past” and that “the court did not persuade them to prevent him from doing so again in the future”. Not a convincing argument.

Chanceley was arrested When he showed up at the FBI headquarters in Phoenix because he thought he would only be interrogated, but then he was arrested and charged with “intentionally entering or staying in any restricted building or venue without legal authorization.” , And violently entered and disrupted order in the Capitol” reason. “

Chansley wrote a letter of apology from prison, detailing how he and others “it is difficult to piece together everything that happened to us, around us, and us”.

“We are good people who care about our country very much,” he wrote. “It’s just a matter of time, justice is coming,”

Chansley was also in a letter from the Capitol to the then Vice President Mike Pence.

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