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WaPo finally abandoned the Psaki and Biden team because they lied about funding the police

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki falsely began to claim on June 23 that Republicans wanted to divest the police because they voted against the Democratic spending bill.

Psaki made it more explicit and shameless on June 28.

Mike Gwen, another White House official, Lies are also doubled.

Although Psaki lied, she Not even the name of a Republican congressman can be named Who said they did not support the Democratic Party’s bill because they wanted to fund the police and completely shattered her lies.

It took a while, but even WaPo couldn’t avoid it-WaPo fact checker Glenn Kessler was Finally called it false, Although many days later.

Kessler noticed an obvious problem-not voting for the Democratic bill does not mean canceling funding. Nothing in such an operation equals the cancellation of funds. There is also a small problem. There are no police-related items in the bill. Although some aspects of the bill provide local and state funding, the state government decides how to use it. Even in the bill there is no police clause.

So this is just a direct lie between Psaki and others.

However, when calling them this way, Kessler did a soft pedal-giving three Pinocchio instead of four, because it was obviously a lie. He also called it a “sloppy statement” in the title, as if it was just an accounting error, not a deliberate lie. They lied to avoid the result of the Democratic Party’s nationwide divestment-the crime rate has risen-because they don’t want to be blamed for it.

Kessler also claimed that Biden “Resolutely refuse” Cancel funding for the police. This is not the case. As this video shows, he did comment on canceling funding.

Yes, in many cases (especially after the popular opinion polls), he did issue a statement in support of the police. But this does not mean that he has not made the above statement.

Kessler to Republican lawmakers Four pinocchio Last week, he said that Biden wanted to fund the police, more than Biden’s three pinocchio.

Bottom line? In the past year, it has been the Democrats who started to divest and attack the police. Democrats should arouse public outrage for all the bad results, including the rise in crime. Democrats cannot argue over this, nor can they shift the blame elsewhere. They have it all.

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