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Tucker Carlson responded to the blockbuster spy revelation and burned his critics to the ground – RedState

As RedState reported earlier, Tucker Carlson previously claimed to be monitored by the National Security Agency and leaked his communications to be true. Axios reported on the email leaked today, which contained only Carlson’s attempt to arrange an interview with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. It is worth noting that NBC News interviewed Putin just a few weeks ago, and there is nothing wrong with a news anchor seeking to interview a hostile person.

Now Carlson has responded through his show, and in the process, he burned down critics and the Intel community.

As Carlson pointed out, when he first filed the charges last week, the usual suspects would jump out and call him a liar and warn that if this is true, it must be because Carlson did something wrong. Now, because Axios decided to play with the illegal disclosure of Carlson’s email, instead of doing the right thing and condemning the government for monitoring fellow reporters, we know the truth.

This means that many people who initially doubted this story looked like clowns tonight (I will write a separate article later), and Carlson continued his victory circle, pointing out the obvious motivation for the leak-trying to paint him as Russia proxy.

This is a direct accusation. Driven by left-wing hackers in our intelligence community, the left-wing cannot let go. Of course, Carlson was just trying to do what NBC News had done before—accepting important interviews and producing news. But by leaking his e-mail, the Intel community wanted Carlson to look like he did something wrong and sinister. This is an insidious, completely non-American game.

Carlson went on to talk about the real core of the problem-the law is broken here. The National Security Agency must keep the identities of Americans under surveillance of foreign objects confidential. Only through a disclosure request can his name be revealed. After clearly making this request, it may have been made by someone in the Biden administration and must be signed by the Director of the National Security Agency. Then they obtained the information and leaked it in an attempt to harm Carlson and Fox News. This is actually the legend of Michael Flynn again, except that Carlson will handle this in a smarter way (for example, he won’t sit down and talk to the FBI anytime soon).

Our intelligence community is hopelessly corrupt. There is no way to save them. They need to be completely overthrown by the next Republican president. As for the absolute hackers who claim that the National Security Agency collects the reporter’s communications, lifts his veil and then leaks it to the media, they are not absolute hackers, they are the worst peepers. It is dangerous that our government has fallen so low, and those who manage it clearly intend to continue using the same character assassination plan they tried on Donald Trump. This is not how things should work, and anyone who defends this is disgusting.

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