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Republican women’s group avoids “Carnival Bacchus” Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Bobert

A powerful political fundraiser known for supporting Republican women deliberately distanced themselves from the House of Representatives. Marjorie Taylor Green And Lauren Boebert, calling them “Carnival yavers” and “shameless self-promoters”.

The value of electing a women’s political action committee has provided support to every Republican woman currently serving in the United States Congress with Senate, Which is significantly different from the cases of Green, Georgia and Bobert, Colorado. Julie Conway, executive director of VIEW PAC, said this was an exception, and she was “intentional.”

“Although we rightfully celebrate the number of Republican women serving in the House of Representatives, I have always claimed that quality trumps quantity,” Conway said Business insider Wednesday in the email.

“The job of Congress is not a joke or reality show. Our women have been respected and taken seriously for too long as legislators, policymakers, and thought leaders. We cannot allow these jobs to be erased by those who choose shamelessly to promote themselves. And carnival yavers.”

A powerful political fundraiser known for supporting Republican women deliberately distanced themselves from Congressmen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, calling them “Carnival yavers.” Here, Rep. Green and Bobert attended the press conference of the U.S. Capitol on June 23, 2021 in Washington, DC.
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Green became a polarizing figure for his outspokenness and made headlines Previous beliefs In QAnon’s conspiracy theory, her anti-vaccine stance, and Controversial statement She made a comparison with the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy PelosiThe mask mission to the Holocaust.She was also criticized for hosting a “gun giveaway” contest Twitter.

Similarly, Boebert has also received attention for her controversial positions, such as her connection with the QAnon movement.She was strongly opposed after she appeared in court Criticizing a straddle weightlifter Said on Twitter that immigrant parents are “Self-Separation” From their children at the border and voted against the congressional police being awarded a medal for serving during the riots in the Capitol.

Conway said: “I think they are more willing to draw people’s attention to themselves, it’s really Marjorie Taylor Green rather than Bobert, but they cut it out of the same fabric.”

“There are too many interests and too many real civil servants, so that the noise of a few people covers the work of the majority.”

Weekly newspaper Representatives in Green and Bobert’s offices were contacted, but no response was received before the manuscript was published.

Conway said that in the past 11 years, VIEW PAC has been responsible for raising and distributing more than $20 million in funding for Republican House and Senate candidates.

The number of Republican women elected to Congress in 2020 hit a record high, and Conway said she intends to support this trend through her PAC. She said she wanted to help re-elect “all the Republican women who deserve it” and get more valuable candidates into the House of Representatives and Senate.

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