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Rachel Dolezal is notorious for claiming to be black, she defends TikTokker of the “transitional” race

Dorzal defended London, demanding more “sympathy and goodwill” for a person’s “personal identity”.

  • Rachel Dolezal speaks for the British internet celebrity Oli London, a white man who claims to be Korean.
  • Dolezal is a white woman who became notorious in 2015 for claiming to be black.
  • London this week showed the “Korean” eyes that had undergone surgery and said that their current Korean name is “Jimin.”
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Rachel Dolezal, a white woman Notorious for claiming to be black in 2015, Has spoken in support of Oli London.

London, the British-born white race, use their/their pronouns, Said this week that they “transitioned” the game.

There are more than 427,000 TikTok fans in London, and because of appearing on Barcroft TV’s “Hooked on the Look” series In 2018 and E!’s “Botched” series In 2019. In those TV appearances, they talked about how expensive and painful it is to undergo multiple plastic surgeries to look like their favorite BTS star Park Jimin.

When appearing on the British TV show “Hooked on a Look” in 2018, London said, “I have not completely changed my race. I am not saying that I am Asian. I will always be British and white, but I want to be as close as possible to the K-pop star and Jimin.”

Dolezal is answering questions about the backlash that London received after them Announced on June 24 that They “identified as Koreans.”

“I do think that the broader issue here is compassion and kindness. When it comes to someone’s personal choices or their feelings, personal identity is not a big fish to scramble,” Dorzal said. TMZ July 1.

“Cultural appropriation is very different from being who you are. So being who you are is a very different journey and experience, not stealing someone’s culture to profit from it. There are different things out there, and I think sometimes people Those two will be confused,” Dolzal told TMZ.

“It just got caught up in online anger, I think sometimes we don’t take the time to really listen to someone’s voice,” she said.

London this week Claim doubled They are “interracial” and uploaded a Twitter video on June 29 Explain in detail how multiple plastic surgeries made them “feel Korean” in the end. Their appearance has been improved, and one of the procedures is to give them the so-called “Korean eyes”.

London said in a June 29 video: “I agree with the Korean community. Maybe they will accept me more now because I have a good looks.”

In the same video, they announced that they had chosen the latest round of cosmetic surgery because they wanted to make their ultimate idol BTS’s Park Jimin proud.

“I want to make him proud; I believe he will be proud of how I look exactly the same now. I have his eyes. I finally have Jimin’s Korean eyes, they are so, so beautiful,” they said.

London also Announced on their Twitter on June 30, Saying that they will be called “Jimin” in the future, adopting Park’s Korean-born name.

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