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Raise Your Life Vibration – Holly Bird

Your life, your feelings, your well-being, both good and bad, vibrate and communicate with others and the universe in an invisible and undiscovered way. Raising your vibration will help you live a more positive life and it will help others see you in a better light too!

Energy has become somewhat of a coined phrase while raising your vibration, and there is a lot of truth behind the concept of raising your vibration.
The universe and others unconsciously align you with your vibration and work with what you are communicating.

By getting stuck in negative thoughts and beings, you are communicating that you are negative. When you are aligned in a positive frame of mind, body and soul, you are communicating that you are positive. Have you ever met someone you immediately disliked, but couldn’t quite understand why? These types of instances are perfect examples of vibration compatibility.

When you think negatively, you become more compatible with negativity. The same goes for positivity. When you are grounded in a more positive frame and mindset, you will be more attuned to positive things. People who vibrate in a positive way do not respond kindly to negative vibrations.

Who wants to be compatible with negativity? nobody! However, we all know that there are many people who remain in this negative mode and believe that they are victims of dire circumstances.

Everything is energy. Your emotions, your environment, your food, your clothes, even your home have an energy associated with you. This energy is your vibration.

Your vibration is your happiness. Your emotional, mental and physical states shape your vibration and communicate who you are to the universe and to others.

Through every thought of your mind, with all the food and nourishment you give to your body, with every thought, meditation and prayer you give, through every emotion in your being, these communicate with the universe and with others.

Benefits of Raised Vibration

The benefits of increased vibration are immeasurable. Some benefits include:

  • đź–¤Communicate clearly and honestly and feel healthy
  • đź–¤Increase energy
  • đź–¤Disease self-healing
  • đź–¤Attract better environment
  • đź–¤ ​​Attract better people
  • đź–¤Feel a balanced sense of well-being
  • đź–¤ ​​Feel appreciated and appreciate others
  • đź–¤Open more intuitive capabilities
  • đź–¤Unlock more healing abilities
  • đź–¤ ​​Improve work efficiency
  • đź–¤Increase patience and understanding
  • đź–¤Increase real compassion
  • đź–¤ ​​Negativity will be reduced.
  • đź–¤Negative people stay away
  • đź–¤Increase happiness and playfulness
  • đź–¤The ability to experience unconditional love
  • đź–¤The ability to forgive

As you can see, the benefits of raising your vibration can be astronomical. The great news about your vibration and energy levels is that you have full control over them. Anyone can raise their vibration from where they currently are to a higher place of peace and joy!

Ways to Raise Your Vibration

  1. gratitude
  2. Love
  3. meditation
  4. forgive
  5. think positive thoughts
  6. Eat and drink healthy foods, especially purified water!

Focusing on your mental health will help you raise your vibration and change your life from day my article Mental Health Some great tips and advice!

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