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ReduxBuds Review 2021 | The technology is unknown

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One of the most annoying things about listening to music on the go is always having to remove the earplugs. You have to take them out to listen to traffic, talk to the cashier in the coffee shop, say hello to the neighbors, etc.

But if you can do all this without Keep pressing to pause your music?

That’s it ReduxBuds The promise of artificial intelligence-driven headsets. With the help of AI-driven ANC to detect certain sounds and deliver them to your ears, you can wear the headphones all the time without endangering your safety or social life.

Use ReduxBuds in the bar

ReduxBuds also includes improvements to standard true wireless earbuds, such as Graphene speaker, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, 100 hours of battery life and ergonomically comfortable fit.

But are these headphones worth the price for AI improvement? Let’s find out below.

Advantages of ReduxBuds artificial intelligence headset

In addition to AI functions, these earplugs have some significant advantages that distinguish them from major brands such as Apple and Bose.

  • Wear them all day: The biggest benefit of ReduxBuds is their all-day appeal. With AI-driven ANC, you don’t need to take them out to listen to traffic, alarms, or even chat. Super comfortable fit and 10 hours of battery per charge will support you. You really don’t need to take these earplugs out to do anything.
RedBux-used by a woman
  • They travel very well: No matter rain or shine, you can rely on ReduxBuds to provide the same fit and sound quality. The ergonomic fit prevents moisture from making them slippery, and the IPX5 waterproof function protects them from any weather. When you are not using them, the small carrying case is easy to fit in your pocket and can provide an additional 90 hours of battery life.
ReduxBuds in a pocket box
  • They are affordable: ReduxBuds is not as active as a big brand. Based on the success of crowdfunding, they have a solid following and are growing steadily. These savings will be passed on to consumers. ReduxBuds provides quality products at half the cost.
  • They sound great: Graphene nano speakers are super strong and durable, preventing audio quality degradation and damaging artifacts of your favorite songs. You won’t get perfect audio here, but for true wireless headphones, they are the loudest and have impressive bass.
ReduxBuds used by office women

ReduxBuds comments

Let’s break down the functions of ReduxBuds and see if they are worth your money.

Product specifications

ReduxBuds is black and has a similar design to AirPods, with headphones connected to the pole.

However, unlike AirPods, ReduxBuds are inner ear canal earplugs. ReduxBuds is also slightly larger than AirPods.

Overall, the appearance is stylish and the earplugs are well-made. However, if you don’t like black, you are out of luck.

Product measurements are:

Earplugs: 4.2 X 2.7 cm

Charging case: 5.3 X 5.8 cm

ReduxBuds comes with the following:

  • Earplugs (left and right)
  • Charging case
  • 3 sets of ergonomic earplugs (S, M, L)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
ReduxBuds on black background

Main features

Artificial Intelligence ANC

The main selling point of ReduxBuds is AI-driven active noise reduction. This function allows you to know the surrounding environment at any time without taking off the headset or even pressing the pause button.

When transparent mode is active, ReduxBuds’ AI algorithm uses dual beamforming microphones to listen to the sounds in your environment. “Teach” distinguishes more than 6000 sounds and selects the sounds you need to hear, while muting other sounds.

The results are amazing. When the rest of the world remains silent, you can hear all the sounds you need. For people who wear headphones all day, this is definitely a victory.

Redux Sound has undoubtedly invested a lot of energy in ANC technology. Not only does artificial intelligence work, it also has a higher level of noise cancellation compared to other true wireless earbuds. In contrast, the ANC power of ReduxBuds is 30 dB, while the ANC power of AirPods Pro is only 20 dB.

Even if the transparent mode is not enabled, you can still enjoy the truly isolated ANC technology by activating the standard ANC. This will also help save battery life.

100 hour battery

Speaking of batteries, ReduxBuds’ 100 hours battery life It is the second outstanding feature of this product. ReduxBuds can play for 10 hours per charge, for a total of 100 hours (an additional 90 hours in the suitcase), ReduxBuds may be the most durable earplugs on the market.

If you use ANC mode frequently, the battery will drain faster. However, even if the AI ​​mode is enabled, you can still manage the charge for up to 8 hours.

Women use Redux Buds while watching via mobile phone

Graphene audio

The speakers of ReduxBuds use Graphene, Many people think that this material will help build The most important innovation of the centuryIt is also very suitable for very small speakers.

Graphene is a nanocrystalline lattice, which is 1,000 times thinner than paper and 200 times stronger than steel. Due to its size, it can easily fit into small earplugs. And because of its durability, it can handle more reverberation without degrading audio quality.

Graphene provides clearer audio at a larger volume, and can also handle stronger bass vibration without being damaged.

ReduxBuds’ graphene speakers are 40% larger than standard true wireless speakers, so you can enjoy a wider audio range and greater volume.

Ergonomic comfort

Another feature we like is Ergonomic. ReduxBuds is one of the most comfortable inner ear canal earplugs. Thanks to hundreds of prototypes on the garbage dump and thousands of hours of inner ear research, the fit of ReduxBuds will not cause pain or itching even if it is tight.

When wearing ReduxBuds, it feels like earplugs are just sitting in your ears, but in fact, they are tightly stuck in your ear canal. They think there is almost nothing there.

Women use Redux Buds while exercising

Durable and waterproof

ReduxBuds function IPX5 waterproofIt can withstand any type of rain and humidity you may encounter, except for direct water jets and complete submersion.

The earplugs are also sealed to prevent dust from entering. They work through touch controls, so no buttons will leave cracks or cracks where debris can enter.

Thanks to these protective measures, ReduxBuds can be used safely outdoors and in all weather conditions like other waterproof headphones.

Additional functions

Other notable features of ReduxBuds include:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual beamforming microphone
  • Digital assistant access (Google, Siri)
  • Type-C fast charge


Overall, the performance of ReduxBuds is impressive. They may not be suitable for people at home, but for those who like to listen to music on the go, you can’t be much better than ReduxBuds in terms of price.

Woman satisfied with Redux Bud

We summarize the advantages and disadvantages of ReduxBuds.


  • Top active noise reduction power supply: The noise reduction function is 50% higher than AirPods Pro, allowing you to be in your own world.
  • Impressive AI mode: AI transparent mode does work, but unless you use headphones on the go, you don’t need much of it.
  • Long-life battery: Each charge can be used for 10 hours, ReduxBuds is the first choice for battery life.
  • Clear audio: Graphene speakers provide clear sound at an above-average volume.
  • Comfortable fit: The ergonomic fit feels like nothing.
  • Preferential price: Buy ReduxBuds at half the price of other earplugs and enjoy the same (or better) advanced features.


  • only black: The headset is more than just a gadget. They are attachments. We hope to see more color choices.
  • Some matching issues: If the automatic pairing memory is full, the earbuds will stop pairing with the new device. You need to clear the memory, which can be annoying.

Final thoughts on ReduxBuds

ReduxBuds is one of the most impressive headphones we have seen from non-major brands. Focusing on the ANC mode, especially the AI ​​transparent mode, means that these headphones are perfect for music fans-people who like to wear headphones all the time.

Although they are also very suitable for active people looking for a comfortable fit and people who want to use headphones outdoors (weather or rain).

If fashion is important to you, then you will be disappointed by the lack of color choices and relatively unknown brands.

However, if you are looking for features, then ReduxBuds has it all.

Now you can Purchase a pair of ReduxBuds during Redux Sound’s New Year promotion period to enjoy a 50% discount. Get and experience the powerful features of AI headsets in 2021.

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