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Rep. Chip Roy stated that the “job” of the Republican Party is to postpone the infrastructure bill until December 2022.

Republican Representative Chip Roy of Texas believes this is Republicans Obstruct the president Joe Biden with Democratic Party in Congress Until December 2022.

Roy expressed the hope that Republicans can prevent a compromise on President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan until at least the midterm elections next year. The congressman made the remarks in an emerging video recorded at an event hosted by Voice of the Patriot, a conservative organization founded by former Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, at the end of last month.

“Honestly, now, in the next 18 months, our job is to do our best to slow down all of this until December 2022,” Roy said in the clip shared with him. Twitter“Then come in and lead.”

The Democrats and Republicans reached a compromise of approximately US$1.2 trillion on Biden’s infrastructure plan, which was valued at approximately US$2 trillion. A bipartisan caucus of problem solvers made up of U.S. representatives approved the plan on Tuesday.Roy pointed out that in his speech, the House of Representatives did not move about compromise, insisting that the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi California “just works to the left, to AOC and the company.”

Roy also criticized Republicans Senate Who wants to support an agreement between the two parties, because they are not “conservative fighters.” He said that Pelosi tried to pressure the Senate to use the budget coordination process to insert “free trash” into the bill, and then admitted that he was happy that no version of the bill was passed because he believed that “18 months of chaos” was In the best interests of the Republican Party.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) hopes to “be confused for another 18 months” at a private Republican event in June. Roy poses for a group photo at a press conference in Washington, DC on May 20, 2021.
Kevin Ditch/Getty

Roy said: “By the way, those who are trying to make a deal are not conservative fighters in the Senate.” “They are reaching an agreement. But then Biden, who came forward and said’we reach an agreement,’ let Pelosi basically intervene and get involved. Gone,’Oh, no, you don’t! You can only make this deal if you settle with all these liberal junkies.'”

“Then Biden said,’OK, yes.’ They kind of gave up the deal,” he added. “Then he recovered from the veto threat, so no one knows what anyone will do now. That’s it, that’s the problem. I actually said,’Thank God, there are still 18 months of chaos and inability to do things. OK. This is what we want.”

In May, the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mickey McConnell The governor of Kentucky stated that the “100%” focus of the Republican Party is to “block” the Biden administration and expressed concern that the Democratic Party may “turn the United States into a socialist country.”Before the 2010 midterm elections, McConnell said that the “most important” thing for Republicans to achieve is to get the former president Barack Obama “One-term president.”

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