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Britney Spears’ court-appointed lawyer resigns


Ritney SpearsAs the influence of the pop star’s dramatic testimony continues, the lawyer appointed by the court has offered to resign.

Representative Samuel Ingham singer Since she was supervised in 2008, she announced that he hopes to step down on July 6.

Court filing angel Information obtained by PA News Agency stated: “Samuel D Ingham III hereby resigns from the position of court-appointed lawyer of the protected person Britney Jean Spears, which will take effect after the appointment of a new court-appointed attorney.”

Loeb & Loeb, a law firm hired to help Mr. Ingham, also offered to resign in the documents submitted.

Mr. Ingham did not explain why he wanted to step down, but he made this decision after Spears regarded the regulator as an “abuse of power”, demanded its termination and criticized his cooperation with her.

On June 23, she told judge Brenda Penny that she did not know how to terminate supervision and suggested that she wanted to hire her own lawyer.

After Spears, 39, was deemed unable to find his legal representative after a series of mental breakdowns, the court appointed Mr. Ingham.

According to the latest accounting data, in 2019, Mr. Ingham was paid approximately US$373,000 (£270,000) for his collaboration with the singer.

Spears paid the legal costs of both parties in the case.

The document stated that Mr. Ingham’s resignation will take effect immediately after Spears has a new representative.

Guardianship-an arrangement usually reserved for the elderly and infirm-is supervised by Spears’ father Jamie and her caregiver Jody Montgomery.

Jamie controls his daughter’s estate, which is estimated to be worth more than 50 million U.S. dollars (36 million pounds), while Ms. Montgomery is temporarily in charge of overseeing Spears’ personal affairs.

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