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Research shows that men are more likely to test positive for Covid than women


on Experts suggest that gathering together to watch football matches may be a potential reason why women are nearly a third less likely to contract the coronavirus than they are.

Interim survey results from June 24 to July 5 Imperial College London And Ipsos Mori show that since the last React-1 study (conducted from May 20 to June), the number of infections has increased fourfold.

Data show that 1 in 170 people is infected, and the time has doubled recently to 6 days.

The researchers said that this round was the first time that there was a significant difference between the number of men and women who tested positive for the virus.

professor Paul Elliott The director of the React project at the Imperial School of Public Health said: “We noticed in this round that the prevalence of men is higher than that of women-men are about 0.7% and women are about 0.5%.

“So once we adjust for other variables, the chance of women testing positive in our study will decrease by 30%.”

When asked why this is the case, Steven Riley, professor of infectious disease dynamics at Imperial College London, said that fluctuations in transmission may be caused by changes in social integration.

He added: “And there is a lot of evidence that internal mixing is more likely to cause transmission than external mixing.

“If I had to speculate on the impact of the euro, I would first consider the possible impact-much more extensive than when we were near London-I would consider the possibility of people mixing internally more frequently than they would otherwise.

“So my first thought was not about the stadium and its surroundings immediately, but about the more general behavior of the crowd, but we did not directly illustrate the results of this in this study.”

Professor Riley further said: “Different things may affect it. I think the social level of men and women may be responsible.

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