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Research shows that Moderna vaccine is effective against Delta variants

DHis vaccine comes from Modern According to the US manufacturer, it also stimulated an immune response against the Corona variant Delta (B.1.617.2), which first appeared in India. The company announced in Cambridge on Tuesday that laboratory tests on the blood of vaccinated people also showed the effects of several other variants. Delta’s “neutralization titer is slightly reduced”.

The new data is encouraging and strengthens the following beliefs: vaccine Stephane Bancel, the owner of Moderna, said that it continues to prevent newly discovered variants.

These studies are based on blood samples collected by eight participants one week after the second dose of vaccine. This result has not been confirmed by other scientists. The detectable immune response in a vaccinated person is not necessarily synonymous with actual protection from infection.

A study published about two weeks ago showed that a vaccine from the German company Biontech and its US partner Pfizer can also prevent Delta variants. Previous research and data collection produced similar results. The two manufacturers are also currently working on pressurized tanks, which should be more specifically adapted to the variants.

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