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Sajid Javid condemns the “horrific” harassment of Chris Whitty in St. James’s Park


Treasury Secretary Sajid Javid condemned the video clips, which appeared to show that Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was harassed by a mob in St. James’s Park.

Seeing Professor Whitty being treated roughly by two men, the two men embraced him when he tried to escape. When the grinning duo sang “oi oi” and said “please take a picture?”, he looked very uncomfortable.

Mr. Javid said: “I have seen a video of a CMO being harassed. This is appalling and totally unacceptable. The CMO works tirelessly on behalf of the country. We will not tolerate this kind of treatment of civil servants. Men with such shameful behavior should Ashamed.”

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi also condemned the video.

“This is disgusting. These thugs must be found and prosecuted. There is zero tolerance for harassment of civil servants,” he said.

When Professor Whitty tried to walk away, these people seemed to catch him again. A row of police cars can be seen in the background, and a voice was heard saying “Leave this gentleman alone” before the end of the video.

Policemen After sharing a 20-second clip on social media, it is investigating.

Metropolitan Police He wrote on Twitter: “We are aware of a video shared online showing an incident in St. James’s Park. The officer talked with all relevant personnel at the time and recorded their detailed information.

“We are contacting the victims and the situation is still under investigation.”

This widely shared video sparked a fierce response. Some lawmakers quickly condemned those involved, and some called on the police to protect key scientific advisers during the pandemic.

Labour Party Member Jesse Phillips Said that Professor Whitty felt “terrible and uncomfortable” and reminded public figures that they “are also human.”

Actors, TV and radio presenters Adil Ray | Say this is “a totally disgusting way to treat someone who has given time to save our lives”.

Former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal Call for the protection of Professor Whitty and other scientists who advise the government on measures to fight the pandemic.

“I know that if he were a statue of a person with a suspicious past, he would have a dozen powerful security details,” Mr. Afzal wrote on Twitter. “This is just a recent incident of harassment involving the chief medical consultant.”

And TV news anchor Simon McCoy Tweeted: “This is a complete shame. Chris Whitty should stay away from these idiots.”

This is not the first time Professor Whitty has been forced to endure public harassment.

Earlier this month, he met a man on a street in Oxford accusing him of lying to the public about the coronavirus, and in February, a man accosted the chief medical officer on the outskirts of Westminster.

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