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Scandinavian style bathroom renovation project

Less than a year ago I shared Inspiration and planning for our bathroom remodeling projects. We completed most of the work this fall and winter and I'm excited to finally share the finished space.Although this is not our first time Convert garage into bedroom and bathroomthis space is smaller than the previous one and the layout is a little different.

Our vision for the space was Scandinavian, modern, warm, and cozy while also having New England influences. In the end, the finished project turned out better than I imagined and makes me happy every time I walk into the room. Here are all the details about the project.

Scandinavian style bathroom renovation project

This space was built into our existing garage. We converted the attached garage into a bedroom and bathroom. Total area is approximately 430 sq. ft., bathroom is approximately 64 sq. ft. (see floor plan) here). This may not sound like a large space, but we managed to fit everything we wanted into this space.

Scandinavian style tile floor

Tile is one of the first things we choose in our bathroom design as it influences so many other finishes.We are delighted to be working with them after using refractory bricks Our previous bathroom renovation. In addition to the incredibly high-quality products they make, we love Fireclay Brick because it's made in the USA, is B Corp certified, employee-owned, and certified climate neutral. This is an amazing company!

While we were initially leaning toward something in the green or blue family, we ultimately settled on a gorgeous neutral called dune. We love the warmth in the bathroom and how the colors change throughout the day. While the neutral color evokes a feeling of Scandinavian design, it also reminds us of the sandy beaches of Rhode Island, which feels like a special tribute to the place we've long called home.

The tiles have a smooth surface and the color changes depending on the light and time of day, from sandy beige to subtle pink tones. We chose a 3×9 tile size with a straight lay pattern. The tiles also have a soft feel underfoot and are very comfortable to stand on. We used a grout color called Bone, which has a sandy off-white appearance. This is honestly my favorite element of the bathroom.

Scandinavian style modern bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities are one of the hardest things to find and it took a long time to find something we loved and that fit the space.Once we finally find out Ronson Modern Bathroom Vanity by All Modern We ordered it and prayed. When it came out we were very happy with the look and quality. The slat detail on the doors is one of our favorite design elements.

The center drawer is deep and roomy with a double sink, two large cabinets underneath, and the countertop is smooth white engineered marble. It fit our budget and looks just as nice as some dressers that cost twice as much. The vanity also features bronze drawer handles that match the finish we used for the taps and shower.

For sink faucets we choose Champagne Bronze Delta Tetra. I particularly like the understated look of the 6.5-inch faucet height. The finishes on the sink, drawer handles, and medicine cabinets aren't exactly the same, but they're close enough that you won't actually notice the difference.

medicine cabinet

To maximize space, we wanted to have a medicine cabinet with storage. Finding the right size is a bit tricky as they have to be narrow but a bit tall.we discover These seamless medicine cabinets From West Elm in antique brass finish. Luckily I got them on sale so the price was pretty reasonable. They shipped very quickly and installation was very easy. It's spacious inside and has several shelves to store things.

minimalist shower

We decided to do another cast shower (I'm looking at Craig).we did this last time Love the look of the plaster shower. Craig is doing something different this time, and we'll have more to share about that in an upcoming newsletter (Subscribe here if you haven't registered yet).

There were two things I really wanted in my shower, a window and a den, and I'm happy to report that I got both. We have a maple tree outside our bathroom window, so I enjoy watching the leaves change in the fall. Craig also managed to build a small cubicle into the wall which is the perfect size.

The shower head is delta water rain Champagne Bronze color, wall mounted handle is The Tetra style also comes in Champagne Bronze. Ultimately we decided on Delta as we had used them before and wanted to continue the bronze look.

The shower door is a Fixed glass frameless panel The shower pan is a Kohler shower base.

Lighting and other details

Lighting was the hardest thing to nail down in this bathroom. We looked at a lot of different installations but didn't like anything.We ended up sending back two different styles that didn't work in the space, and we ended up going with Two simple devices $50 per serving!They are for sale, unfortunately Currently only available in blackbut I've linked to them so you can see the styles (they are smaller in size).

The bathroom walls and ceiling are also plaster. I was nervous about doing a plaster ceiling, but Craig preferred doing that to painting, and the results were beautiful. The plaster has a gorgeous texture that's subtle and hard to capture in photos, but lovely in its own right.

To heat the bathroom we installed a Electric baseboard heater We also used it when building our Living room/dining room addition. They're more expensive than standard electric baseboards, but they look great, emit incredibly efficient heat, and have a very low profile.

We managed to install extra storage space in the bathroom IKEA Parker Wardrobe. We have used them many times throughout the house and they do not disappoint. Installation can be a bit cumbersome, but it's a fraction of the cost of customization. They look great and provide lots of extra space to store items like towels and other bathroom supplies.

additional details

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