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Seeds of Success: A Summer Garden Story

It’s easy to fall in love with the dream of owning a flower shop. Just the thought of running a charming little shop filled with bright, perfect flowers to brighten your workday is a romantic and picturesque idea.

But in reality, running a flower shop is not a decision that is made lightly. The fragility of merchandise, the need for constant freshness, and fluctuations in seasonal demand are just some of the challenges florists face. That’s when you run a brick-and-mortar store. One can only imagine the logistical nightmare entrepreneurs may face when they decide to take their brick-and-mortar flower shop entirely online.

The vision behind the summer garden

Today, Summer Flower Gardens is a thriving business, known for its beautiful orchids and easy online access. But getting to this point isn't easy. It has been a journey marked by resilience, strategic decisions and partnerships that have strengthened the foundation of the business.

Sheila Mae Abasola, the entrepreneur behind the brand, has always been attracted to the delicate beauty of orchids. Her goal is clear: share her love for these flowers with others. What started as a small store during the pandemic quickly grew into a thriving online store.

Challenge and guiding hand

Running an online flower shop comes with its own set of unique challenges. Concerns about maintaining flower quality during shipping, ensuring timely delivery and managing customer expectations are all amplified when operations are digitized.

Sheila handled these challenges well, but it was with the support of her partner, Crisanto Abasola Jr., that she was able to reach new heights in her online business. Often working behind the scenes, Crisanto has become the unsung hero of summer flower gardens, solving many of the logistical complexities that come with running an online flower shop. His keen sense of timing, understanding of careful packaging and route optimization are as important as the flowers themselves. Crisanto's contribution, quite literally, allows Sheila to focus on the quality and artistry of the orchids, knowing that the logistical aspects of the business are in capable hands.

game changer

Sheila and Crisanto were unwavering in their commitment to their burgeoning floral business, but they knew they needed a catalyst to truly elevate their operations.

The partnership with LBC was a turning point.

With LBC's strong logistics and reliable pick-up service, Summer's Blossom Garden can now ensure safe and timely delivery of orchids, significantly improving its reach and customer satisfaction. The partnership includes a suite of advanced tracking and shipping options, ensuring every delivery can be monitored from the moment it leaves the greenhouse to arriving at the customer’s doorstep. LBC’s expert handling and express delivery options mean even the most delicate flowers arrive in pristine condition, enhancing the customer’s unboxing experience.

Additionally, LBC’s scalable solution means that as demand for Summer Gardens grows, their logistics can scale seamlessly with it, allowing them to increase order volumes without compromising service quality. The flexibility and reliability of LBC's services enable Sheila and Crisanto to innovate and expand their product offerings, confident that their logistics backbone is strong enough to support their creative aspirations and business growth.

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