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Several US states sued Google for violating antitrust laws-National

Dozens of U.S. state attorneys filed antitrust lawsuits in federal court Alphabet Inc’s Google According to an entry in court records, Wednesday.

The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The complaint was not immediately available.

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Donald Trump initiates lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google

According to people familiar with the matter, states are expected to file lawsuits alleging that the search and advertising giant violated antitrust laws while running its Android mobile app store.

The lawsuit is one of a series of lawsuits filed against Google in the United States, after Google was complained about the management of its app store (called the Play Store), although the company was initially seen as more open than Apple.

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Google releases a roundup of its latest smart gadgets

Google releases roundup of its latest smart gadgets – May 20, 2021

Google bans applications that contain objectionable content in its stores, and further requires certain applications to use the company’s payment tools and pay Google up to 30% of its revenue.

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Google Canada signed an agreement with 8 publishers to pay for content for news organizations

These and related policies have aroused criticism from app developers, especially when Google said in September that it would strengthen law enforcement. Compared with similar products such as Amazon, Samsung Electronics, and Huawei, the Google Play Store has a much wider range of use.

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