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Shark air purifier 6 [HE601] Review-Capture 99.97% of dust, dander, allergens, viruses and smoke

Review – In addition to the temperature, the air in my home is a bit…existent. Dandruff and dust are the daily reality of having a furry companion; as the allergy season approaches, and has been in our “bubble” for some time, it is more important than ever to resolve the tiny big images in the room. Could the solution be Shark Air Purifier 6? Let us find out.

what is it?

Shark air purifier 6

Shark Air Purifier 6 is a floor-standing air purifier suitable for areas ranging from 500 to 800 square feet. It can easily circulate our air throughout the first floor. It is 32 inches high, 17 inches wide, and approximately 9 inches deep. The “6” in the name refers to the six fans used to circulate and filter the air. It is designed to capture particles as small as PM 1.0. PM stands for particulate matter, and Shark is a unit of measurement used to describe matter in the air. Although it does create an impressive image, it is not incredibly intrusive to the room. We leaned this unit against the wall leading to the kitchen; this position allowed us to let the shark called Bruce, my partner, walk through his steps.

What’s in the box?

  • 6 shark air purifiers
  • High efficiency filter
  • secluded
  • Manual

Design and features

  • Touch controls on the top of the device
  • Color display
  • The service life of the filter is expressed in hours (the service life of the filter starts from 4000 hours)
  • 4 different power settings to filter finer and finer particles
  • The air quality is displayed as a percentage on the top and front of the device

Installation and setup

Shark Air Purifier 6 is very easy to set up. Once you take it out of the box, you will need to remove any stickers on the casing of the device. In addition, you need to open the back of the device to expose the filter. The filter itself is wrapped in its own packaging and must be taken out before operation. Once everything is put back in place and plugged in, you can now turn on the device so that its air purification intelligence can test the air quality. Bruce… *huh* Shark Air Purifier 6 will provide you with a certain percentage of particulate matter in the air and start cleaning it. Users can choose to operate according to the air quality level (low, medium and high) or automatic function (more particles = higher fan function, fewer particles = lower fan).

what do I like

  • Easy to use/set up
  • Stylish design
  • Inconspicuous footprint
  • Quiet operation
  • Integrated timer
  • Responsive remote

What will i change

  • The touch controls on the top are easy to leave fingerprints
  • A scheduling function like a robot vacuum cleaner would be great
  • The unit tells you how long the filter will last

Final thoughts

This is the filter after 30 days of normal use

Let me be clear: Shark Air Purifier 6 is an excellent air purifierIt can withstand the smell of grilled toast, the dander of three animals, and the pollen thick enough to spread on the grilled toast. It has an automatic detection function that can increase or decrease the filter level according to the air quality it senses, so if the oven is turned on hastily to display the forgotten roast, it will start. The remote control can easily control every function of the entire room.

Although the Shark Air Purifier 6 is really great, there are two aspects that can be revisited: the top touch and the filter itself. No matter what glass material is used on the top of the device, fingerprints will quickly accumulate and need to be wiped frequently. This is not a real deal breaker, but I can speculate that this problem with this black unit will be ten times worse, and the controls are very sensitive, so any settings created during erasure will be changed.

As for filters, do you know that there are 3 different types? As mentioned earlier, the device itself will tell you the time remaining in the filter in hours. Although I appreciate the information, I can’t help but look sideways to see how expensive the alternatives Shark sells, and they vary by function. Anti-allergen HEPA-89.99, anti-allergen HEPA filter 99.99 with odor lock function and anti-allergen HEPA filter with advanced odor lock and smoke lock function. Shark Air Purifier 6 is an expensive product first, so if you buy this product, be sure to understand the long-term cost of ownership. I really like the features of the device, but I can understand the limitations of the high cost of ownership every 6 months.

price: USD 449.99
Where to buy: Amazon
source: The sample of this review is made by shark.

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