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Should I let my dog ​​eat cicadas?

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Imagine if there are chicken nuggets falling from the sky, buzzing, and even hitting your face directly. I think this is the world Cow lives in now, and if you live somewhere in the Midwest to the East, your dog may be too.

You may have a good idea of ​​what a cicada is and what to look for, but just in case, they are large, mostly black, with yellow stripes on the body. They have orange wings and red eyes. They fly very slowly and are very low from the ground, so they are easy to catch.

Cicadas do not sting or bite, so even a clumsy dog ​​like Cow has no defense.

Are cicadas safe to eat?

The cicada emerged from an underground tunnel 17 years later and shed its skin. Immediately afterwards, they were soft and soft. Their wings and exoskeleton quickly become hard and hard to resist.

They are completely edible and can make delicious snacks for all raccoons, squirrels, and any wild animals around you. Dogs also like to eat them and are usually not harmed by them.

Even humans sometimes eat cicadas. In many cultures, they are delicacies. They are closely related to shrimps and are said to taste like them. People who are allergic to shrimp are also allergic to cicadas.

The dog’s highly acidic stomach can dissolve bones, so it can also break down the crunchy exoskeleton.

However, dogs with sensitive stomachs may vomit if they eat too many cicadas, just like eating any unfamiliar food.

Exciting summer for cows

In July last year, Cow suffered a severe attack of acute pancreatitis, and she still couldn’t eat food with too much fat.She controlled it well through a low-fat diet, (she eats The pure gold fit is great, It is also very suitable for stocky dogs, and Honest Kitchen Whole Wheat Chicken), although she had diarrhea yesterday, it may be because of eating too many snacks. Her poop looks much better today, but because of her existing stomach problems, I still don’t want her to chew cicadas.

Cicada’s low fat content should not cause an outbreak, but I still want to limit her consumption this summer. Especially because she became incredibly focused on them, so when we went out for a walk, she kept crashing for bugs instead of finishing her work.

To make matters worse, Toad appeared a few days ago. At night, Toad came out, and she screamed every time she saw it.

Last night, she managed to grab one and kept chewing in her mouth. Oh, I just nauseated just thinking about it. I think I saw it pee in her mouth. Oh my god.

When she finally let go of it, it jumped up unharmed.

We only live in East American toads, which are slightly toxic to dogs. If you eat them, they can make your dog’s mouth foam and cause vomiting, but they are not very dangerous.

I think Cow might be immune to this toxin because her mouth didn’t even blister at the time. But our local toad should not be angered by her.

Can a muzzle stop a dog from eating cicadas?

Today, I broke out of Cow’s Baskerville Muzzle.

This is the type of muzzle you want for a walk. The cow can open its mouth, pant, drink water, and even eat snacks while wearing it.

This helped her to stop catching the cicada, but she quickly figured out a way to manipulate it with her claws so that she could eat the dead and dying cicadas on the ground. It did give me a few seconds to pull her away, so it was very helpful.

I don’t know how effective Cow’s muzzle is in preventing her from eating toads. I’m afraid she will pound them into waffles.

What I need to do is bring snacks while walking and practice our “leave” skills that don’t exist. This is a useful skill. I never put my dog ​​in the first place. This needs to change.

We hardly do any walking training. Really, we missed a lot of opportunities.

The success of leashing Cow has been mixed, because sometimes there are exciting critters every few feet.

Although I have been afraid of the rest of the summer this summer — there are still a few weeks of cicadas, delicious fireflies will appear soon, toads in September — maybe I need to see this season as a training opportunity, not A struggle.

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