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simplehuman CleanStation Review-Deep Clean Your Smartphone

SimpleHuman CleanStation

Review – to be frank. How many times have you heard someone talking in a few stalls in a public toilet, do you know they are calling? Or are you listening to TikTok? Public toilets are a nightmare of bacteria, don’t tell me to wash your hands-you also need to disinfect your phone! And, through the power of ultraviolet light, simplehuman provides us with a way to do this with CleanStation. Let’s see.

what is it?

simplehuman CleanStation is a UV sterilizer suitable for mobile phones.

What’s in the box?

  • simplehuman CleanStation mobile phone disinfectant
  • Power brick

Design and features

simplehuman CleanStation is a 7.6 inch high, 2 inch x 4.5 inch brushed aluminum tower. There is an opening at the top, similar to the slot of a toaster, but covered with a UV-resistant foam curtain. Powered by the included wall adapter, you put the phone in the top slot and then mechanically lower it into the internal chamber, where it is exposed to ultraviolet light in all directions for 30 seconds. There is a great internal working animation on their website. But how does it perform in action? This is a video.

Since the device is fixed by an acrylic bracket, no part of the mobile phone will be skipped during the disinfection operation. To let you know that it is working, there is an LED ring around the device, about 0.375 inches from the top. When your phone is shocked, it will pulse gently.

Set up

Take out the simplehuman CleanStation from the box and plug the power cord into the socket.

which performed

If you can use a toaster, you can use CleanStation. (Actually, it is easier because there is no lever to push down to put the “bread” in place!) During the test, I found that it never malfunctioned or rejected any phone I plugged in. At the end of the loop, just before it pops out of your phone, a beep will sound. This can be turned off via the button on the bottom of the device, but why do you want to do this? Don’t you want to tell everyone that you are smart enough to disinfect your phone?

If there is no laboratory test before and after, there is nothing to judge. simplehuman CleanStation accepts any mobile phone that can be put into the slot, whether with a protective cover or not, and puts it back in place within the prescribed 30 seconds. Because it is so fast, it is more likely to use it than a chamber that you have to open and close to put your phone in. And it is also a good timer for hand washing.

what do I like

  • easy to use
  • No touch
  • Simple and safe to use

What will i change

Final thoughts

Although I have not used other UV disinfectants, I have been following reviews of similar products during this year of COVID. No one offers simplehuman CleanStation’s touch-free, fast operation. Although I can’t test for the presence of bacteria, I believe that science shows that ultraviolet light will kill the bacteria, and I know that my phone feels better after being disinfected regularly. I find this is easier and more effective than using isopropyl alcohol or bleaching wipes, and it is much less likely to stain or damage your phone or phone case.

price: $200.00
Where to buy: the company Online store
source: The samples of this product are provided by simplehuman.

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