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Sir Kil Starmer criticizes the “abuse” of the Labour Party’s Bartley and Spoon by-election candidates


Mr. Good Leader Kyle Starmer Describes the “shameful” apparent abuse his candidate faced in the election Batley And Spoon by-election.

Kim Leadbeater, the sister of the murdered congressman Joe Cox When he met a man, he questioned her about the situation in Kashmir and her stance on LGBT+ education in schools. He said this was the concern of Muslim parents.

But in a video circulating on the Internet, Ms. Leadbeater was seen asking the man not to yell at her, and then turned around and was hunted down and questioned by a group of people.

In the video, he raised his voice to Ms. Leadbeater, and Ms. Leadbeater repeatedly asked him why he would yell at her in the street.

She said: “This is where I live, this is my community. Don’t come here and yell at me on the street. The Muslim communities of Batley and Spoon deserve better treatment than this.”

Ms. Leadbeater then left and was chased into a car by a group of people.

Since her sister was murdered in the West Yorkshire constituency in 2016, the Labour Party candidate has been campaigning against political abuse, and she is now running for parliament.

She claimed that opponents and former members of Congress George Galloway The people representing his Workers’ Party have been “laughing” nearby.

George Galloway stands at Batley and Spen / Amplifier line

In an interview with Byline Media, she said that the campaign “has become less civilized” and that it was a “difficult day.”

She said: “We went out to campaign outside a local mosque, and then suddenly there was a large group of people. I want to say that they started yelling at me on the street, trying to say that they were asking me questions, but they certainly didn’t give me a chance. Answer any questions, some of which are not local.

“George Galloway laughed on the other side of the street. I was very scared.”

The Labour Party leader Sir Keir said: “The abuse faced by King Lidbit is shameful.

“George Galloway’s toxic politics has no place in our country.”

But Mr. Galloway said that he had been laughing as a “false statement”. He said it was a “lie” to link this incident to his campaign, adding: “We don’t know this person. He is obviously from Birmingham. I have never seen him before.”

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