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Skin care products for glowing skin

One of the benefits of staying at home for the past year (and some change) is the extra We all have time for skin care. Just like everyone’s skin has been given a long vacation, no longer covered by foundation, covered by highlights and bronzers, and required to stay together all day. Instead, fresh facial energy dominates those Zoom phones, and restoring your skin to health becomes an extracurricular activity. Since then I have fallen in love with makeup without makeup, but now we are back to normal, I want to share my new procedure to get a new and radiant skin with minimal effort. All you need is some key ingredients and some quality products. See the skincare scoop below.

The skin care products I use make my skin radiant

Sakara Life Probiotics – Shop here

Because of their commitment to clean ingredients, I am a big fan of Sakara. I take two of these probiotic capsules 30 minutes before drinking coffee or eating in the morning. In addition to giving your skin a radiant glow, they can also promote a healthy gut, boost your energy, and help reduce inflammation.

Bobbi Brown Weekend Glow series

Bobbi Brown knows a thing or two about creating a dewy, fresh look! Their Weekend Glow series has been shining on my counter recently.I first apply Super bright moisturizing cream Used for moisturizing and moisturizing foundationNext I use Nude moisturizer Some extra pure coverage. Like it contains SPF 15 to protect the skin.Then Highlighter Brighten your skin and make you look poreless, I used them to complete the look Extra lip gloss Gives a dreamy glow to lips.My favorite shade is called Only pink glitter.

Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray – Shop here

Hourglass has created this amazing makeup setting spray that makes you feel refreshed and really helps you keep your face radiant throughout the day. It’s as if it gives you extra shimmer while trying to keep your makeup flawless.

Pseudo Lab PHreckles – Shop here

This product was given to me and I have always liked it. Pseudo Labs has created this cosmetic that will give you a radiant glow, highlight the natural beauty of your skin, and provide you with temporary freckles that you can use to change your appearance. If you already have freckles, this will highlight them even more. This is a fun way to feel like another self or a clone of yourself.

Tons of H2O

You can’t buy the healthy luster you get from drinking water as a natural by-product! I always have a water bottle or a glass of H2O by my side. You would think of me as a camel. People who stay hydrated! If you want to improve the level of the game, please add some lemons to the water. It suits your skin tone perfectly and gives you a hint of flavor.

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