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COMMUNITYx-a social media application that implements actionable social justice

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Decades ago, the masses were silent or unable to hear their voices. This is because mass communication at that time was a way, and information was disseminated through traditional methods such as television, radio, and newspapers. In this modern world where mobile technology and high-speed Internet are increasingly popular and used, ordinary people have found that they have online communication methods, such as social media that they hear in real time around the world. Real-time communication through social media is considered the most powerful weapon of social change for the public, which can knock down shame and heal the country. There are many social media applications that provide the public with freedom of speech, and COMMUNITYx is one of the best applications that immediately brings actionable social justice.

Founded by activist Chloe Cheyenne,Community x It is a new social network application for social welfare. It is the best platform for local and global changemakers. The application is designed to unite like-minded people to promote positive social change together. Everyone can create and execute a good business on the app, or can join a business that best matches their opinions and beliefs. Unlike other social media sites that prioritize popularity and attractiveness, COMMUNITYx focuses on social welfare.

This is the #1 social application for social good, where change makers meet and express opinions on a variety of reasons, from environmental changes to racial justice. They can initiate virtual protests, petitions and virtual activities on the platform, even if they are not lost in the algorithm or banned like other social applications.

In this era of modern life, social media Whether it is local or global, it is an indispensable tool to bring about social change. We have never had a fast and real-time communication medium before. Advanced mobile technology and social media networks have broken all communication barriers, allowing ordinary people to express their beliefs and ideas easily and spontaneously. Nowadays, social media is an excellent choice for discussing social issues, launching virtual protests, or organizing public welfare. COMMUNITYx provides you with a safe space where you can focus on things that are important and beneficial to the public, even if you are not distracted. It may be a good place for real social change through actionable content, protests and petitions.

Through this social service application, like-minded people can now easily point out wrong practices, social injustices, and make a sound in different local, national and global situations. The app allows you to immediately ask questions, connect with like-minded people and sign online petitions in real time.

COMMUNITYx allows you to create and monitor cause-driven protests and communities, which can easily be carried out anywhere in the world.

Here are some amazing features you can enjoy after registering for the COMMUNITYx app.

  • Send and receive instant messages: The application provides its users with free instant messaging capabilities. It is cross-platform messaging.
  • group chat: COMMUNITYx users can start group chats with their contacts, so they can easily stay in real-time contact with like-minded people or family members.
  • Connect with like-minded people around the world: Anyone on the COMMUNITYx app can find and meet new friends with common social interests and beliefs to develop their network. Connected users can also see each other’s activities on the platform, such as post updates, likes, and comments.
  • Instant notification: Whenever someone in their contacts likes and comments on their post, all users will be notified immediately.In this way, they can quickly respond to comments to Increase participation And communicate their ideas in the best way.
  • Virtual social activities: The COMMUNITYx app allows its users to create or find local social events and make plans to meet with online friends to achieve positive social change. This feature can also be used to express opinions on any social injustice, climate change or other global issues.
  • Quick release updates: Anyone with a valid account on COMMUNITYx can share any content on his/her timeline with other social activists and friends. It can help them quickly highlight the problems that need to be solved immediately, and be considerate of the public.

Bottom line

Whether you want to express your opinions on fatal climate change, social injustice, women’s rights, or any other freedom issues in between, COMMUNITYx is the best place for you to start and let the world hear your voice. If you don’t want to create your own business, you can find a related business and participate in it. The application can also recommend the most suitable reason for you based on your interests. Anyone over the age of 13 can create an account on this application for social welfare.The app is suitable for both Android & IOS Users can easily install them separately from the app store. Follow the founders @chloecheyennee and @communityxtech on social media. www.communityx.tech.

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