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Some shops wear masks, but the festival owner says it’s cod


The owner of Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City said that she will continue to require customers to wear masks after July 19.

Jacinta Rowsell said: “We are very aware and very concerned about the fact that guests who come to the center really want to feel safe. As retailers and our employees, they are our top priority, so where possible, we will encourage people to enter Wear a mask at the center.”

She said that individual stores in the mall will be able to formulate their own mask policies and will “actively encourage” the wearing of masks instead of forcing people entering the store to wear masks.

When current regulations that mandated wearing face masks in shops and public transportation were lifted this month, business leaders were exploring how to deal with the dilemma of masks.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan postponed a decision to wait for negotiations on whether to impose mask requirements on passengers using London transport services such as the London Underground, buses and ground lines.

Health Minister Sajid Javid appointed him mayor, and TfL has the power to force ticket holders to wear masks if they wish.

Simon Roberts, the CEO of Sainsbury, avoided the question of whether the store still compulsory use of masks, saying that he needs to gauge how employees feel about this issue.

“As a company, we put safety first. It’s about the choices customers and employees want to exercise. We want people to feel safe and support them.”

Melvin Benn, who is in charge of reading music festivals and other large music gatherings, said that he will fill up the event and will not require anyone to wear a mask.

“I think the government is doing the right thing, and the venomous tongue made by the front bench of the Labour Party is nonsense,” he told R4. “We want to reopen, this country wants to reopen, we are tired, we are ready to reopen. We need to reopen because the risk is not that big, and honestly, when Professor Whitty supports it, we have nothing but Why do you want to do anything besides just sitting on the sidelines?”

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