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Some thoughts and the Italian channel we watched (with Erika)-RST #70-Italian Podcast

In Reflections without Transcriptions in this episode, Erika and I talked about the various Italian YouTube channels we follow, and we talked about social networks and their experiences in general.

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Channels mentioned:
Creo Beauty
Break italy
Way of the Wind
Marco Montemanio
Andrea Galeazzi
Dry dog
Marcelo Askani
Andrea Barbero does not have a channel, but there are many of his interventions on YouTube, in addition to one Collect their podcasts in audio format.

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Difficult words preview:

Norwegian Lobster = Salvation, the way to escape-we usually say “no escape”/save
But if your goal is not only to understand Italian, but also to speak it, guys, you have to speak it, there is no escape, there is no way out.

use = Let someone accept something, force/impose, force
David imposes [3:56] We talk about this.

Fail = Disapprove (here)/reject, deny
Download = Get rid of responsibility, in this case, give it to someone else/unload, dump,
Yes, after rejecting all my suggestions, he chose this topic, and now he wants to throw it on me, saying it’s me.

Consider = Believe in yourself, consider yourself
Do you consider yourself an influential person?

If any= Ultimately, Kasoma/if any, if any, if any
If anything, you can call me a “content creator” for learning Italian.

Preview the transcript:

Q: Hello everyone, welcome or welcome back. This is an Italian podcast, a podcast for learning Italian through interesting and authentic content. Thanks to the content I made for you, listen, have fun and learn Italian. This is an episode of “Thinking Without Transcription”, this is a series that I (and usually Erika) talk about what we like to talk about, what we think is interesting and chat. Today’s episode was recorded immediately after the San Remo episode you may have heard, so I’m sorry, but David will be back in the past. He is sick and has the flu, so his voice is a bit strange. excuse me.

Before starting, I want to talk about two things. The first is my club. Thank you very much to all the club members who support me, my “Italian Podcast Club” on Patreon, where you can find exclusive content and exclusive materials. For those who are interested in “reflection without transcripts” but do not understand everything that Erica and I said, because maybe you are studying and you do not have a high enough level to understand everything, if you choose the support level, the highest category , Club d’oro, if I remember correctly, you will have access to not all the old episodes of the series but the transcripts of the last two or three episodes, and all future reflection episodes…that is Said that they have become transcripts, no longer without transcripts, but with transcripts. If you are interested, check out “Podcast Italian Club”, the link is in the description of this episode.

I would also like to thank the sponsors, and my club, italki, the real sponsor of this show. Italki is a website, an online platform, where you can conduct language courses with teachers from any country in the world. This is the website where I have been teaching Italian for a while, and it is also the website where I teach language courses when I need it. More or less everyone who was in class with me told me this: “I know Italian, but I don’t speak well”. I think many of you will have the same idea. It doesn’t matter if you say it badly in the end, it depends on your priorities.But if your goal is not only to understand Italian, but also to speak it, guys, you have to speak it, there is no way to escape [2:45]There is no way out, you have to speak this language, this is a great way to work with professionals, there is someone who can help you, can relax you, can help you relax while doing this go to italki And choosing a teacher who can help you do this is quite difficult. If you use my code to register and purchase on italki, you will get $10 free for future purchases and future courses. Thanks italki, now we hear this episode.

D: Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Italian podcast! We are recording this episode after the last episode on Sanremo that you may have heard. I am always sick.

E: I’m still Erica.

Q: What is this introduction? [ride] Okay, please tell us which theme you chose this time.

E: Well, at the same time I didn’t choose any theme, but David imposed [3:56] We talk about this.

Question: Impose?

E: Yes, after failure [3:59] He chose this topic for all my proposals, and now he wants to throw it on me, saying it’s me. This happens more or less every time. but.

D: Yes, because when the arguments are not very convincing, I would say that Erika chose them.

E: No, actually, to be honest, we already wanted to talk about this, and then we also received a question from Artem, if I remember correctly, he asked us to talk about the influencers we follow, and we will just It’s like mixing up some ideas between Davide’s ideas and… and then talking about the Italian YouTube channel we actually follow, so the Italian YouTube channel, because it’s also for you, maybe to discover new people and get you in touch To the real content.

Q: But before I start, I have a question for you Erika.

Then tell me.

Q: Do you consider yourself an influential person?

B: Absolutely not! I don’t…I won’t post any patterns on my social network, I think I posted a photo on Instagram today in a few months…

D: By the way, follow Erica…

B: Yes, come on.

D: Erika Porreca on Instagram.

E: Come on, follow me on Instagram. I miss 40 people to reach 1,000 followers. This is my goal after opening… my profile.

D: More important than a degree, the second degree… [- E: Esatto.] D: …what you have to do for yourself is to attract a thousand followers on Instagram.

E: Well, in a sense, it may be a larger source of income than my qualifications guarantee, but maybe we will talk about it next time. Come on, I am not an influencer, you are.

D: No, no, no, no, no.

E: You have a lot of people following you. They want to see what you do and understand your life.

Q: If I hate a word, it is “influencer”.

B: Here.

Q: I am affected now, maybe I was affected by the flu… but not the influencer… No. In my opinion, this is a very bad word, because in my opinion, it means that someone is instructing others to purchase. What will they affect in the end? Opinions or what do people buy?

E: For example, I think the idea is that they have to influence the way of life. I think, right? They are almost an inspired model, but what they actually do is sell you something, and…yes, it’s…a marketing strategy, nothing more.

Q: No, I will never use this word to describe what I do on Italian podcasts.If there is something [07:00] You can call me “content creator” to learn Italian.

E: Yes, but influencers are faster and shorter.

D: But I will not affect anyone.

B: Okay, why? Influencing people to learn Italian.

D: But I think they would do the same without me.

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