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Quarantine Reflections-Advanced #25-Italian Podcast

I also think of a third word to describe the present, that is, “uncertainty.” The uncertainty of how it will end, the uncertainty of the final health and economic budget, the uncertainty of when our country will return to normal. But there is also scientific uncertainty: when summer arrives, will the virus lose its effectiveness? After contracting the virus, will you get sick or immune a second time? When was the vaccine invented?Science, for many people fortress Hope, he doesn’t know yet. This will lead to further uncertainty.
One thing is certain: we realize that it may end later than we previously imagined, and we must be patient.In China, with measures Dragon Blood Stone Adopted across the country, the crisis seems to be coming back (almost) two months later: how long will it take in Italy? Will the measures already taken be effective? No one really knows, as I have heard many times,”You are navigating in sight“. This is an effective image. It shows the difficulties and uncertainties of people who must make important and heavy decisions at this stage. These decisions are not based on past experience, similar circumstances, and pre-existing agreements. It is a hopeful attempt, which can prove to be effective or completely insufficient. No one can know at present. None of us have experienced such a crisis. You are navigating in sight.

In recent days, I have repeatedly read people’s comments and reflections. They want to know whether this historic moment will change our Italians and our country, and if we can progress in adversity.Tell the truth I have my question, But I hope so. In any case, I think there are many lessons we can learn from this crisis.first of all Public health This is not an area that the country can afford save money. In a world where medicine is becoming more and more complex and the necessary knowledge and investment are increasing, it is unacceptable to cut hospital funds. Recruitment People, buy machines.This problem has been reported by Italian doctors and their doctors for several years appeal I have never heard of politics.Now we realize that if a country’s health system is Calibrated Under normal circumstances, an emergency can quickly crash him (by the way, if you want to donate to support the activities of Italian hospitals, especially Lombardy hospitals, I will give you a link again in the description of this episode. , If they do not collapse now, they may collapse in a few weeks). Who knows if we will learn our lesson once we overcome this crisis.

I also want to know whether our country will become more modern and digital: the coronavirus crisis has brought companies and Public entity (For example, schools and universities) use remote work from home, and they were not prepared for it before.Italy has always been a country behind In terms of technological innovation in the public and private sectors. Maybe something will change.

I want to know if we Italians will better understand the meaning of possession Citizenship And community awareness: don’t always think “To your own backyard“As we said, but focus on the community. This virus can tell us: its mortality is very low, and most people are not at serious risk. The elderly, the sick, or immunosuppressed people are at the greatest risk. . It is for this reason that we must learn Put the public interest first (In this case, the person most at risk) For personal benefit, We Italians usually don’t know what to do: we are interested in small circles of friends and relatives, and all the others have nothing to do with us. Who knows if anyone will realize that tax evasion is directly related to the inefficiency of the medical system.

I wonder if it will teach us anyone who feels to be treated differently, actually like Disease carrier In front of people. Chinese people living in Italy have experienced the same feelings. They are victims of shame and shame. Vomit The racism incidents in the weeks before the infection also spread to Italy. The ethnic minorities in our country experience the same feeling every day. Because, let us not avoid this, Italy is still a country that is too intolerant and racist.And the situation has deteriorated in recent years

I also want to know whether we will understand the instability of life. Those who stay in Italy rarely remember the war. Most of us were born in an era of peace, economic prosperity and happiness. As I said before, many people compare this crisis to a war, especially doctors: Although it is not the case, I think it has one thing in common, that is, it helps us remind us that we are mortals and our existence is Fragile and precarious. A virus, an invisible microorganism, can take the lives of thousands of people, and may even take the lives of us or those we love. Who knows whether this insecurity will accompany us even after this crisis.

Personally, my daily life has not changed much, and I don’t have to make too many sacrifices. I have the honor to do this job at home (and thank those of you who support me financially), do this project in the morning, and take Italian lessons on Skype in the afternoon. But I think of self-employed people like me, but unlike me, they are engaged in economic activities in the “real world” rather than on the Internet, and suffer tremendous pain.I do not know Stand on their side.
One thing is certain: this is a period that we will always remember, and maybe we will tell our children and grandchildren many years later.

Finally, I wish you all and your country.I know many of you are in some way Moving From crisis: Many of you plan to travel to Italy, but they have to cancel. We look forward to seeing you after all this is over.
But I also want to tell you (if you still don’t believe it) that there must be a pandemic and no country can be said to be immune to the coronavirus. What we experienced in Italy (our situation may continue to deteriorate for at least a few weeks) will also happen in many of your countries.This is not a threat, but caveat: Better to be prepared. “Prevention is better than cure”, an Italian proverb says, this moment cannot be more appropriate.So my invitation is: prevent, don’t delay, Don’t wait anymore. Don’t blame the virus. Don’t think you are immune. If you can, please refrain from traveling, avoid going to any crowded places, and ask your boss to let you work from home. Ask your local and national politicians to take immediate action. The speed of action is of the utmost importance, and even taking action a day in advance means that the number of infected people will drop by tens of thousands.

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