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Spring Break Lingerie Shopping Guide | Amante Lingerie

I have begun to dream about my travel plans in the spring. Accompanied by travel plans are very exciting travel shopping activities! I really want to go shopping during the holidays and make myself look and feel fashionable! Isn’t this the real purpose of underwear! ? I found amanté by accident underwear I found some very cute styles on the website, I think I will pick them for myself. I am here to share my favorite choices, and I believe these choices will cover the various emotions/occasions and needs of all women. 6 Amante Panties And 6 bras, they will have all of your underwear The needs are perfectly met.

Classic fashion bra
Love the stripe details on the red bra here…make it look very chic and stylish. Nude underwire padded bras are indispensable in any woman’s wardrobe. I usually wear mine in anything white, or like all the fun T-shirts I wear when I travel. It is the most versatile underwear you can carry on vacation.

Fancy and fun bras for different moods
This open-back top-style lace bra adds a fun element to your look. You can wear a loose T-shirt that easily falls off your shoulders…it shows a little trace of blue lace. so good! Or you can wear a bra as a top.
Strapless bras are another must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. And red is a super fashionable and classic color. A lace-up or off-the-shoulder dress suitable for you to wear at sunset.

I personally have a personal bias towards non-padded, lace, and underwire bras, which is why this red bra is on my list🙂. In addition, personally, padded bras are easier to pack because you can fold them flat with other clothes.
This cool, basic pure black bra uses moisture management technology to absorb sweat and regulate moisture, keeping you refreshed all day long. When you know that you are going out all day to explore new places and need a bra that you can wear all day long, this is a perfect item to take with you.

This red panty matches the first bra I shared, and the other one in your closet matches. Black lace is a must-have, stylish and fun! Black lace panties are great under any black outfit and at the same time make you feel very comfortable inside.

A cute, fancy floral print panties to keep you light. I’d better wear it in casual jeans. There is also a pair of nude lace panties-another must-have that everyone must have. It is most suitable for clothing of white/skin tone or almost any color.

I like high-waist panties because they tend to hide any waist bumps that you may not be satisfied with and smooth out all the contours🙂. It fits perfectly with the high-waisted jeans that I like to wear most of the time when I travel.
I like purple underwear mainly because of its unique color! It is always fun to carry pop music in different colors.

Hope you like this article!
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