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Still have money to buy an air filter

VoltBefore the summer vacation, many parents worried about whether the school was prepared for the delta variant of the coronavirus after the vacation. The state subsidies used by the city government of Hessen to “fight the epidemic” of daycare centers and schools have not yet been used up. On Monday, Education Minister Alexander Lotz and Finance Minister Michael Bodenberg (both CDU) pointed this out. They emphasize that there is still money to buy air filters. This topic has caused controversy in various cities. In some places, development associations have purchased such systems.

According to its own statement, last fall, the state government provided a total of 75 million euros in related assistance. Municipalities and independent organizations that use them must raise the extra quarter themselves. A total of nearly 60 million has been invested in the safe operation of schools and daycare centers.

Among them, more than 9 million euros are used for mobile air purification equipment in rooms that cannot be ventilated. Approximately 2 million euros are used for the installation of supply and exhaust systems as well as permanently installed indoor air systems. Together with municipal donations, state funds support further measures totalling 40 million euros. Therefore, the implementation and billing deadline will be extended to the end of August.

Funds are limited to rooms for children under 12 years old

The municipality decides which priorities to set and which investments are necessary. For example, funds are being provided for the purchase of mobile air purification systems for classrooms and daycare centers that cannot or cannot perform periodic intermittent or cross-ventilation. It is also possible to take smaller structural measures on doors and windows. Lorz said that for the mobile air filtration system, the Federal Environment Agency and a number of scientists convened by the Minister of Education in September last year made technical recommendations. Accordingly, in the case where the room can be ventilated through the windows, such equipment is usually not required. However, it is also useful to use these mobile systems if windows cannot be opened properly, for example.

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However, only tested equipment equipped with high-performance particulate filters can be used. They must work quietly and ensure sufficient volume flow. If the survey initiated by the municipal umbrella organization now shows further demand, Lotz and Bodenberg expressed their “willingness to talk.” They recalled that sponsors of schools and daycare centers could apply to the federal government for funding to install permanently installed air-conditioning systems. Funds are limited to rooms and facilities that can accommodate children under 12 years of age, as the corona vaccine for this age group has not yet been approved.

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